So Sweet! Willing to overheat to accompany her lover between food orders


The story of this pair of lovers has succeeded in making netizens baper. The woman is willing to be hot to accompany her lover ride a taxi deliver food orders to customers.

This romantic story was shared by a TikTok user with the account @viowlshopp. In his video upload, he shows his excitement while traveling with his lover.

Not when eating together at a restaurant, but when accompanying her lover on a motorbike taxi all day between food orders. In the video, you can see the activity of the man while queuing for food to sending it to the customer.

The video then made netizens baper. Many netizens applaud the woman for being willing to accompany her lover to work all day, no matter how hot or rainy it is.

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Accompany your lover with food orders Photo: TikTok @viowlshopp

“The rest of the girls like this, O Allah, if they are accompanied, they are better and feel more appreciated,” wrote a netizen.

“I was in your position, sis, now I have children. Busy taking care of children so I can’t come anymore,” wrote another netizen.

To detikFood (28/02), the woman named Viola admitted that she often accompanied her lover every time she took a food order. This habit started when he was wanting to go out with his lover.

“The beginning of the story at that time I just finished taking care of the thesis and my boyfriend want to pick me up. And at that time he was taking food orders,” said Viola.

From there, Viola thought of accompanying her lover to order food and deliver it to the customer. After that, it became a habit that both of them liked.

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Accompany your lover between food ordersAccompany your lover when you order food at first accidentally, but eventually it becomes a habit that makes you fun Photo: TikTok @viowlshopp

“At first it was not allowed to be afraid of the heat, the rain. It was fun to accompany him, he was also happy that I accompanied him,” said Viola.

Furthermore, Viola also said that accompanying lovers to deliver food orders to customers is an alternative if they feel confused about where to go on a date.

Because dating by eating together at a restaurant is too boring. So, every time they want to go out together, their lover only takes food orders.

Viola said that every time she accompanied her lover to deliver food orders to customers, she always got various responses from the people she met. Most of the other ojol drivers always respond with a smile.

“There are so many responses from others ojol It’s also fun, like encouraging too,” concluded Viola.

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