So Sweet! This Ojol driver helps his customers ‘good’ through food


Not only serving customers, there is more responsibility felt by the customers online motorcycle taxi driver. One of them became a liaison between the lovers who were fighting.

Arguing with a lover is certainly a sad thing. Not a few apologies that are difficult to accept when his girlfriend is cranky or angry.

For men who do not give up, various ways are willing to be done to please their partner. For example, sending gifts to writing sweet words with a box of delicious food.

When it comes to delivering food remotely, the presence of an online motorcycle taxi driver is needed. Uniquely, not only delivering food, this online motorcycle taxi driver managed to become a ‘connector’ between two lovers who were fighting.

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Intending to apologize to his girlfriend, this man asks an ojol driver for help. Photo: Asiaone

Quoting Asia One (31/3), a netizen named Eden_haikal shared his story when he was fighting with his girlfriend. Intending to apologize, Haikal took the initiative to send sushi which is his lover’s favorite food.

But Haikal also wants a short letter of apology given to his lover. It’s a shame the restaurant where he ordered sushi didn’t provide a greeting card to write a message.

Thinking of another way, Haikal finally contacted motorcycle taxi driver who is in charge of delivering the food to write directly the message to be conveyed. Even Haikal’s short apology letter was perfected by the ojol driver with nicer words.

“I’m sorry for what happened earlier. Please enjoy your food which will at least leave a smile on your face. Are you sushi? because you are very soFISHticated! (re: sophisticated means graceful),” wrote the short message.

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So Sweet!  This Ojol driver helps his customers 'good' through foodReceiving a creative ojol driver, his apology letter was written directly by the ojol driver. Photo: Asiaone

Haikal, who asked to see a photo of the short message written by the ojol driver, admitted that he was amazed by the kindness of the ojol driver to help him apologize to his lover. Even the ojol driver joked to ask for tips worth Rp 526 thousand just to tease Haikal.

It doesn’t just stop there, motorcycle taxi driver even had time to tempt Haikal to immediately marry his lover. Through his own story, the ojol driver said that Haikal should immediately marry his lover and live happily together forever.

“I’m married. (My son) One baby boy. Hahah it’s not a problem, the phase of dating and fighting or whatever. I understand you. Haha immediately marry your lover if you want to be with him forever. I will immediately deliver this food. Greetings bro!” wrote the ojol driver to Haikal.

Haikal’s upload managed to make many netizens who saw it also get carried away. Many hope that the ojol driver will get a tip from Haikal to appreciation from the company where the driver works.

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