So More Fancy! Let’s Make Indomie Pasta Using These Ingredients


Instant noodles like Indomie it can be made more special with the use of certain materials. Like Indomie pasta with added cream cheese and tomato paste. Let’s make it!

Fried and boiled instant noodles are a practical food stock in many Asian homes. They generally process instant noodles according to the instructions on the packaging. But actually instant noodles can be created into a variety of other interesting foods.

One of them is pasta made from instant noodles. Noodle lover TikToker, Brother Noodle, shows how to make it (2/1/2022). Initially, he got advice from a netizen about this unique creation of instant noodles.

Brother Noodle seen using variant Indomie spicy fry. He then prepared a complement such as sliced ​​leeks, cream cheese, and ready-to-use tomato paste.

Tomato paste, cream cheese, and green onions are the main ingredients for making Indomie pasta Photo: TikTok Brother Noodle

He did not mention the amount, but it looks like the amount is not too much. About 30 grams for cream cheese and 1 tablespoon for tomato paste.

Next, in the preheated pan, add the boiled instant noodles. Add a little water, cream cheese, and tomato paste earlier. Add the sliced ​​onions.

Don’t forget to add instant noodle seasoning. Stir until everything is evenly mixed. Finally, add toppings to make it taste more special.

Brother Noodle uses sliced ​​scallions, grated cheese, and sunny side up eggs as a topping for Indomie pasta. “It tastes like pasta with a touch of Indomie’s signature taste,” he comments at the end of the video.

So More Fancy!  Let's Make Indomie Pasta Using These IngredientsIndomie pasta appearance that makes you drool Photo: TikTok Brother Noodle

When this news was written, Brother Noodle’s upload was about Indomie Pasta has been viewed more than 27,000 times. Many Indomie lovers say that this menu looks very good. “I’m definitely going to try this recipe,” said one netizen.

Previously, Brother Noodle also showed the Indomie Samyang recipe which stole the show. He combines these two famous instant noodle products.

It tastes even better because it is combined with stir-fried green onions and comes with omelette, chili oil, and nori! The video has made Indomie Samyang even watched more than 1.5 million times.

“This is the only way I can eat Samyang, otherwise it’s too spicy,” said one netizen. “I also often cook like this, but if I add a lot of onion oil,” said another netizen.

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