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Snapchat Turns Off Location Feature in Ukraine

Snapchat’s social media platform has turned off the location feature on Snap Map in Ukraine for security reasons.

Snap Map, quoted from The Verge, Thursday (10/3), shows how many snaps, uploads on Snapchat, were taken at a location. Snap Map uses colors to show how many people uploaded an image.

By looking at the heatmap, users can estimate where the location of other Snapchat users, who uploaded the content.

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The location on the Snap Map is not 100% accurate. It only gives an idea of ​​where Snapchat users are. For example, in Seattle, the United States will see more uploads in the city center than the nearest national forest.

Snapchat sees that in times of war, this feature could be misused to track evacuations or the movement of civilians.

Snap also imitated the steps of a number of social media companies, namely no longer selling ads to users from Russia.

Other applications that use the GPS feature also do the same thing so that the movement of residents is not detected.

Google and Apple, some time ago, turned off the live traffic feature in Ukraine. (Ant/OL-1)