Snapchat Presents Ramadan Stickers and Filters

SNAPCHAT brings special stickers and filters to make Ramadan celebrations in 2022 memorable and more fun through Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.

This exclusive AR involves contributions from content creators on Snapchat and is expected to enliven the holy month of Ramadan, which will soon be celebrated in the country.

Quoted from a press release, Friday (1/4), Snapchat also presents Bitmoji Ramadhan so that users can interact with friends on Snapchat more enthusiastically.

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The stickers that are presented can later be used to add color and also the atmosphere of the Ramadan celebration that brings peace and happiness.

Then, in the filter section, with a touch of lanterns, moon, and stars, this Ramadan celebration feels like giving every Snapchat creator a new warmth and light.

In addition to bringing an AR experience to creators, Snapchat is also working with Dicoding, which allows participants to have access to an exclusive online module that is learning to create Augmented Reality With Lens Studio developed by Snap and Dicoding.

The module helps prepare participants for the challenge that will launch on April 2, 2022, by leveraging Snapchat Lens Studio’s built-in features and templates to create AR experiences through lenses that hundreds of millions of Snapchat users can enjoy. (Ant/OL-1)

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