Smart City Development Must Pay Attention to Social, Economic, and Environmental Factors

CHIEF Digital Tech Ecosystem and Development Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap, said that his party also encouraged the creation of smart cities in Indonesia. There are at least three goals for Sinar Mas Land to build a smart city, namely social, economic and environmental.

Regarding social matters, said Irawan, urban developers must see and pay attention to the residents who live and visitors who come to the prospective smart city area. Thus, when the smart city is realized, both residents and visitors can carry out social activities comfortably, collaborate, and synergize.

“Smart cities must also be able to grow the economy. Because there has been investment in the smart city environment,” said Irawan at the Katadata 2022 Indonesia Data and Economic Conference (IDE), with the theme ‘Building Digital City’, Tuesday (5/4).

Irawan said, in building a smart city, developers must also pay attention to the surrounding environment. In the BSD City development initiated by Sinar Mas Land, for example, the area in South Tangerang only has 35% of the development area. Meanwhile, the area of ​​road and green areas reaches 65%.

With so many green areas, it is hoped that it will create a sustainable city and improve the quality of life of the people who live in it.

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Then, continued Irawan, to support the three goals of smart city development, developers must also carry out the right strategy. Starting from building human resources or finding talented people to develop smart cities, strengthening the infrastructure side such as fiber optics for internet, water and electricity, to pedestrian area connectivity.

“The development of a city is how we manage stakeholders, school children, housewives, business owners, visitors. We must apply technology to help them. To bridge the needs of each of these stakeholders, “explained Irawan.

However, Irawan emphasized that developing a smart city cannot be done alone by private developers, but must be done together with various parties, especially technology developers.

“To build smart city infrastructure is not cheap, so we need partners to collaborate, how to monetize it. Then, when we build a smart city such as the green initiative, we need government support. Now there are green bonds and tax incentives. So we hope that there will be incentives for us to carry out urban and human development,” said Irawan. (OL-7)

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