Sisca Kohl Tastes Ramadan Culinary, There’s Kebuli Rice and Wagyu Ketupat


Atmosphere Ramadan also felt by TikTok celebrity Sica Kohl. He even tasted some of the foods that are identical to Ramadan, what’s wrong?

Who doesn’t know Sisca Kohl? This TikTok celebrity is known by the nickname ‘crazy rich’ because she always makes and mixes luxurious food at fantastic prices.

Starting from crab, lobster, meat, caviar and others. As a culinary lover, Sisca Kohl certainly doesn’t want to miss tasting the culinary delights that are synonymous with the month of Ramadan.

As shown in her TikTok video (10/04), Sisca Kohl bought several menus. First there is Kebuli rice which is served with two types of side dishes, chicken and eggs.

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Sisca Kohl tastes Ramadan cuisine with kebuli rice on the menu Photo: TikTok @siscakohl

Kebuli rice is a special spiced rice East Central which is widely served during the month of Ramadan in Indonesia. Sisca Kohl is even addicted to the delicacy of Kebuli rice.

Especially when eaten with a side dish of chicken with kebuli seasoning and crispy eggs. The next menu is quite interesting, namely in the form of diamonds with premium side dishes.

Vegetable ketupat is usually served with chicken, but in Sisca Kohl’s hands, it is served with wagyu meat. According to Sisca, the taste is a combination of soft and savory.

The last menu is stir-fried vegetables made from peppers and eggplant. The video was immediately commented on by netizens. Many are curious about the wagyu ketupat menu.

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Sisca Kohl tastes Ramadan foodSisca Kohl tastes Ramadan culinary with stir-fried vegetables Photo: TikTok @siscakohl

“Kebuli rice with chicken, okay, because it’s average. But the wagyu ketupat is like, guys,” wrote a netizen.

“Who’s selling the wagyu diamond bow,” wrote another netizen.

Sisca Kohl’s enthusiasm for the holy month Ramadan has also been shown by making an iftar menu. The menu is in the form of sultan meatballs worth Rp. 30 million.

The price is because Sisca Kohl bought up meatball products worth Rp. 30 million. The meatballs are then prepared by themselves with the broth made by Sisca Kohl.

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