Sisca Kohl Makes Grilled Pork Ice Cream, Netizens Get Emotions


Sisca Kohl is famous for making ice cream from unusual ingredients. This time it’s turn pork roast which he turned into an ice cream cone.

Not only a variety of sultan foods, Sisca Kohl is also known for its unique ice cream creations. Not with a normal taste, but a savory taste because Sisca Kohl dared to turn the main dish into ice cream.

When tasting her unique homemade ice cream, Sisca Kohl also always says that the ice cream tastes delicious. Not a few netizens claimed to feel sick when they saw Sisca Kohl enjoying his absurd ice cream creations.

This time he made a unique ice cream made from food ingredients that many people probably never thought of before. Serving a roast pork on her dining table, Sisca Kohl has an odd idea that has managed to infuriate netizens.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year, Sisca Kohl prepares a roast pork. Photo: TikTok/siscakohl

Quoting TikTok @siscakohl (29/1), there was a medium-sized roast pork on the dining table. His skin was tan and shining.

According to Sisca Kohl, pork roast become a special menu served by his family during Chinese New Year celebrations. But not Sisca Kohl if you don’t get creative to turn it into ice cream.

“Criuk Check Ice Cream! Pork is one of the foods that are often eaten during Chinese New Year. I have one roast pork. I will make ice cream from this roasted pork,” said Sisca Kohl in the video.

Sisca Kohl has already prepared mixed ice cream powder. Meanwhile, there is a piece of roast pork with skin which is blended by Sisca Kohl. After the meat and skin of the roasted pork are smooth, the water is taken and filtered.

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Sisca Kohl Makes Grilled Pork Ice CreamNot to be eaten, the roast pork provided turns out to be processed into ice cream. Photo: TikTok/siscakohl

The roasted pork juices are then mixed into the ice cream powder. Don’t forget to make the color attractive, Sisca Kohl adds pink coloring to the ice cream mixture.

After being put into the ice cream machine and ready to be served, Sisca Kohl added a piece of skin pork roast crispy crunchy as a topping. When viewed by detikcom (1/2), Sisca Kohl’s viral upload was viewed more than 15.7 million times with various emotional comments from netizens.

“Fucking up (making it up), when the ice cream is given pork skin,” wrote the account @dodedidiii_.

“After a long time Sisca Kohl finally made the weirdest ice cream again,” wrote @hii_kyaau.

“Frequently eat well, so look for something unique. This is a very rich person,” wrote the account @hayukkk1121.

“Vanilla ice cream topping or*o (cross mark). Pork ice cream topping with crispy pork skin (checklist mark),” wrote the account @wnyuun.ka.

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