Singles, here is a service to wake up sahur plus the food menu


Feeling hard get up to eat breakfast? Don’t worry, this man offers a wake-up call so you don’t miss your meal. Here’s the rate.

In a matter of days, the holy month of Ramadan will arrive. Before fasting for a full day, Muslims will do sahur as an energy intake in the early hours of the morning at around 03.00.

Well, sometimes waking up for sahur is a challenge in itself. Not infrequently people miss sahur time because they find it difficult to wake up, even though they have used the alarm.

But don’t worry, this man in Terengganu, Malaysia offers wake-up services to eat sahur. Uniquely, this service is offered through the Shopee shopping site.

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A man in Malaysia offers a wake-up meal for sahur Photo: Shopee

There are three 3 ways offered to wake up sleep. The first is through chat at a rate of around IDR 17,000, voice notes around IDR 27,000 and telephone around IDR 34,000.

This service could be suitable for those of you who single, because he also offers to wake up sahur with sweet words and calls ‘dear’. It’s just that an additional fee of around IDR 10,000 is charged.

In addition to waking up for sahur, this man also offers a food menu for breaking the fast or when he is not fasting and wants to have lunch. He will swiftly deliver the menu around 1 or 2 pm.

There are two menus offered, namely Nasi Belauk with premium anchovies at a price of Rp. 170,000 and there is Nasi Ayam which is priced at around Rp. 102,000, reports World of Buzz (29/03).

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Here's How to Eat Suhoor Correctly and Recommended by IslamApart from wake-up services, it also offers a food menu. Photo: iStock

“This is half a chicken. You can give a few pieces to a cat that is not satisfied, so at least you can get a reward,” the caption reads.

If there are customers who order services as well as the food menu, an additional fee will also be charged for shipping costs. However, it was observed that no one was interested in the offer.

It’s just that it’s a lot of discussion for netizens. Many netizens are made to laugh with the services of waking up for sahur.

“Suitable for single and live alone,” wrote a netizen.

“You are very creative,” wrote another netizen.

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