‘Singles and Singles’ Come here to Bandung, there is a special park for you


Every November 11 is celebrated as World Singles Day or World Singles Day. Even though in Indonesia the commemoration of World Singles Day is not popular, in the city of Bandung there is a park made specifically for singles. It’s called Singles Park.

Indeed, the city of Bandung is known for having many public spaces to thematic parks with unique names. One of them is the Singles Park which is located in the Tamansari area, Bandung City.

Located right under the Mochtar Kusumaatmadja Flyover or Pasupati Flyover, this Singles Park is one of the many thematic parks in the city of Bandung that exist today.

However, the current existence of Taman Jomblo is like living, not wanting to die, not wanting to die. This is because, even though it looks quite well-maintained, this Singles Park does not attract the public’s interest in coming to visit.

Singles Park in Bandung City. Photo: Bima Bagaskara / detikJabar

From detikJabar’s monitoring at the location, Thursday (11/10/2022), Singles Park looked deserted. No local people seem to have come to the location of the park, which is flanked on both sides of the main road, just to sit and relax.

There were only a few people sitting and asleep. However, it is certain that they are not visitors to the Singles Park, which teenagers should visit, judging by its name.

The block-shaped seats made of cement looked dirty even though the colors could still be seen clearly. While some of the information boards in Taman Jomblo are dirty because of graffiti.

The atmosphere at Taman Jomblo also feels uncomfortable for people to sit back and relax. Because the passing of vehicles on both sides of the road makes street dust fly towards the park. The exhaust noise also makes the atmosphere worse.

Iwan, one of the passers-by said, several times he passed Taman Jomblo and never saw a group of people coming to visit. According to him, Taman Jomblo is usually used as a resting place for buskers and people working on the streets.

“I’ve never seen (those who gather), mostly buskers and stuff like that,” said Iwan briefly.

Singles Park in Bandung City.Singles Park in Bandung City. Photo: Bima Bagaskara / detikJabar

Taman Jomblo itself was built in 2014 and was inaugurated by Ridwan Kamil who was still serving as Mayor of Bandung at that time.

“Why is it called Taman Jomblo? Yes, instead of forced singles, you still end up single,” said the man who is familiarly called Kang Emil at the inauguration of the Singles Park in 2014.

The name ‘single’ in the park stems from a fad joke. Because, the shape of the seat in the park is designed for one person. Apparently there is also a separate reason why Kang Emil placed a garden for singles under the bridge.

“So it doesn’t get rained on. If you’re single, it’s even more tragic if you’re single,” Emil said jokingly.

Through the construction of the Singles Park, Emil hopes that later the percentage of singles who feel depressed can be reduced. “At least 100 percent of depressed singles are happy singles because there is a Singles Park in Bandung,” Emil said in 2014.

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