Singkawang Has Noodles Skip, Subscribe to Officials!


Culinary tourism in Singkawang, a traveler must try noodles. For Muslims, the recommendation is Beef Meatballs & Chicken Noodles 68 aka Jump Noodles. Like what?

Beef Meatballs & Chicken Noodles 68 that’s the official name of the most famous meatball stall in Singkawang. But tourists also know him as Bakmi Loncat.

There is a special reason why the shop is called Bakmi Loncat. That’s because of the chef’s actions when cooking noodles. He threw the boiled noodles into the air. So the noodle was nicknamed the jumping noodle.

When covered by Hong Kong television, this noodle stall, which has been around since 1977, was even labeled as Bakmi Kungfu, thanks to the owner’s attraction to throwing his noodles into the air like a kung fu expert.

There is a funny story about the number 68 attached to the name of the meatball stall. According to the third generation owner of Bakso 68, the story began when a tax official came to the shop.

“At that time they were asked, what was the name of this shop? At that time there was no name. ‘Just a meatball stall, sir. No name’. Then the officer said, ‘Yes, what number is this shop on the street?’ ’68’ answered my grandfather. Yes, that’s the name,” said Silvia Liu, manager of Meatballs Beef 68 to detikTravel.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Before in the current place, this meatball used to be peddled around. But over time, the customers began to grow and finally they were able to open their own shop.

Regarding the menu, it’s clear that beef meatballs and chicken noodles are the champions here. There are also dumplings with gravy and tofu. The choices are complete and special meatballs. For special meatballs, all types of meat toppings will be given on the traveler’s order bowl.

We also ordered special meatball noodles. When our order came, literally all the cutlets were there. Until there is even boiled shrimp. For the broth, use beef stew, which has a savory taste.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

When tasted, the blend tastes like dancing on the tongue. Amboi taste. Coupled with a splash of broth and chili sauce, the taste is even more broken in the mouth. What a champion!

No wonder the Beef Meatball 68 is a regular for officials. The shop owner was even invited to the Black and White event hosted by Deddy Corbuzier.

Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68Beef Meatballs and Chicken Noodles 68 Photo: (doc.20 seconds)

Photographs of the owner with the officials and celebrities of this country were also displayed in the meatball stall. Don’t be surprised if you find photos of famous people here, from Dian Sastro to Minister Moeldoko. The photos seemed to be a separate marketing for the meatball stall.

Travelers who are curious, please come alone to Jalan Diponegoro No. 68 Singkawang to enjoy the deliciousness of the 68 beef meatballs. Regarding halalness, there is no need to doubt because there are already MUI and BPOM halal labels.

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