Singapore’s Jokowi-PM Meet in Bintan, These are 5 Hits of Bintan Island


Bintan is the location of the meeting between Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. This island has an interesting tourist destination.

Bintan Island is part of the Riau Archipelago which is currently a favorite destination, especially for Singaporean tourists. This is because of its close proximity. The crossing from Singapore to Lagoi, Bintan can usually be reached in 45 minutes.

Although it is often visited by foreign tourists, there is nothing wrong if a traveler experiences the beauty of Bintan firsthand. The main attraction of this island is the beautiful beaches with comfortable resorts.

Here are 5 Bintan destinations that you can visit:

1. Lagoi Bay Beach

Lagoi Bay in Bintan. Photo: Hariri Aiman/d’Traveler

Lagoi Bay Beach is arguably in an exclusive area. There is The Sanchaya resort which is used as a meeting location for Jokowi and Lee Hsien Loong.

But not to worry, the general public can also visit Lagoi Bay. Travelers can enjoy neatly arranged beaches and beautiful flower gardens.

2. Dugong Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach in BintanTrikora Beach in Bintan. Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikcom

Not only enjoying the white sandy beaches, in Bintan, a traveler can also see the wealth of the sea. One of the spots is Dugong Trikora Beach.

Travelers can swim and play banana boat there.

3. White Sand Island

Want to travel under the sea? Try coming to White Sand Island.

There the traveler can enjoy diving and snorkeling. This island also has white and fine sand.

4. The Thousand Statue

Recommended 4 Fun Tourist Attractions in BintanThousand Statues. Photo: Yoga Wicaksono/d’traveler

Another interesting destination on Bintan Island is the Temple of the Thousand Faces Statue or Ksitigarbha Bodisattva. This place presents a view of 500 statues with different shapes.

5. Deer City Park

Bintan Island also has a mini zoo called the Kijang City Park. There lived a rare ape named kekah. The original habitat of this animal is in the Natuna Islands. In addition, there is also a humpback. He is a shy animal who is a central figure in the legend of the Riau Archipelago’s people.

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