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Sinar Mas Land’s Scalebox Program Launches Funding for Start-Ups

SINAR Mas Land through its Digital Hub has successfully organized a Scalebox activity which was attended by 175 start-ups from BSD City, Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, as well as 20 other provinces throughout Indonesia, even to Japan and the Netherlands. Scalebox is an event initiated by Digital Hub in collaboration with Nakama.id to provide training and assistance for digital-based start-ups.

Scalebox activities take place virtually for four months starting from September 2021 to January 2022. In this event, Digital Hub and Nakama.id provide learning opportunities and competitions for start-ups. Hundreds of registrants were then competed in several stages until the 10 best participants advanced to Demo Day to meet face-to-face with Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.

Of the 10 best start-ups, eight of them managed to get funding, namely Female in Action, Xetia, Leastric, Amiga, Educourse, Carikemasandotcom, Aquila Herbs, and Spiralife. The venture capital companies collaborating in Scalebox this time are Sinar Mas Land, Sovereign’s Capital, Patamar Capital, MDI Ventures, EV Growth, Ideasource and Spiral Ventures, and 10 Angel Investors were also present. Nakama.id thanks all Supporting Partners of the Scalebox program this time, namely Parker, AWS, Instellar, Indigo, Venturi Startup Studio, Cakruk, STEMpreneur, Impactpreneur, Founders Live, Chameleon, Media Startup, Startup Borneo, Palembang Digital, Group of Smart Courses (GSC), and Rakamin Academy.

CEO of Digital Tech Ecosystem & Development at Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap, hopes that the funding from the Scalebox event can be used by start-ups to develop more optimally. “Sinar Mas Land built a Digital Hub not only physically but also as an ecosystem. More than just a platform, we also support the needs of the digital community so that they can grow with us. It is hoped that start-ups that receive funding through the Scalebox program can become success stories as champions of Digital Hubs.”

Nakama.id CEO, Debora Temmy, added that this activity received a lot of positive response from start-ups and investors. Scalebox provides start-up actors with access to mentoring, training and funding. Of the 10 best startups, added Temmy, eight were selected that received funding from MDCO and Patamar Capital worth more than IDR 10 billion and learning credits on Amazon Web Services (AWS) worth a total of US $ 300,000.

Scalebox gets positive interest from start-ups at home and abroad. Agus Setia from Xetia.io who joined this program from Osaka, Japan, added that the training from Scalebox provided input for my business plan. From here he also managed to find several blindspots that could be repaired immediately so that the application could operate more optimally. In addition to getting funding from Venture Capital, Nakama.id will also open up potential market access for start-ups so that start-ups can develop more, make it easier to scale up, and improve their business. (RO/OL-14)