Sharp Releases New Variant of Easy-to-Carry Air Purifier

NOW, the house no longer only functions as a place to rest and shelter from all kinds of weather, but also becomes a comfortable and safe place to do many activities for its residents. But behind the feeling of security that is felt, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through its research proves that indoor pollutant levels can be 2-5 times higher than outdoors and sometimes can increase up to 100 times higher.

In order to minimize the negative impact of indoor air pollution, it is recommended that every dwelling has an air purifying product that has the ability to provide healthy air and provide protection for all family members. Responding to this, Sharp as the world’s electronics manufacturer presents plasmacluster technology that is able to produce and release positive and negative ions similar to those in nature. Plasmacluster technology is an air disinfection technology created by Sharp to suppress the effects of viruses in the air and destroy and clean mold in the air. This technology has been proven to be able to inactivate viruses and bacteria that are spread in the air and attached to surfaces.

Comes with a minimalist design in the form of a white cylinder, the small tower air purifier FU-NC01-W answers consumer needs for products that are easy to carry around. Measuring 190 x 190 x 330 mm and weighing 2 kg, the FU-NC01-W consumes only 20 watts of electricity. “Because of its compact shape, this new variant of the air purifier can be placed on a table and users don’t have to worry if they have to stay at a hotel or when traveling out of town because the indoor air quality is not good,” said Yudha Eka Putra, Product Manager of Air Purifier & AC Sharp Electronics, in a written statement, Tuesday (5/10).

Although it has a compact form, the air purifier is not inferior in terms of features. Here are the features.

High density 7,000 ions

Plasmacluster technology is a technology that is able to purify the air and has been recognized by the world’s leading research institutions. This technology can generate and disperse up to 7,000 ions per cm over a certain distance for faster air purification.

360 water flow

Designed with suction and can blow air 360° to reach all parts of the room so that air purification is more evenly distributed.

Wide coverage

With the size of the air purifier which is compact and lightweight so it is suitable to be placed in any place, the Air purifier type Small Tower Air Purifier has a range of up to 10M².

Night lamp

This air purifier has a night lamp feature that can beautify the room and provide comfort when sleeping at night.

Easy maintenance

This air purifier is very easy to maintain because the filter can be cleaned regularly using a vacuum cleaner.

The small tower air purifier has the benefit of purifying the air and removing allergen particles or allergy-causing particles. In addition, it can prevent lung disease, catch cigarette smoke, eliminate radon gas as a cancer trigger, and reduce asthma triggers. This product is available at the Sharp official store Tokopedia at a price of Rp. 1,399,000. (OL-14)

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