Shake Your Head! Police Actions in India Eat Together to Celebrate Prisoners’ Birthdays


The main task of the police is to uphold justice. Several police officers in India have actually gone viral, after they were caught eating with inmates and fugitives.

Many police actions in India have gone viral and have even attracted the attention of netizens in various countries. In recent years, police action there has not only focused on those who are fighting crime and upholding justice.

Some police officers are viral precisely because they were caught in the act of establishing close relationships with the inmates, to the fugitives they should have arrested and prosecuted according to the applicable law.

Like a viral video that shows a police officer celebrating a convict’s birthday, by bringing him cakes to soft drinks. Then there are also police who, instead of arresting fugitives in marijuana cases, actually seem familiar having lunch together with biryani at a luxury hotel.

Here are some of the actions of the police in India that went viral after they dined with convicts and fugitives.

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1. Bribery Cakes with Prisoners

The incident started with a police officer named Mahendra Nerlekar, he is one of the inspectors who served in the Jogeshwari police, India.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Mahendra is seen feeding a birthday cake to an inmate named Danis Sheikh. Danis became a suspect from riots to attempted murder.

Although this video was taken a few weeks before it went viral, when it went viral, it immediately drew blasphemy and criticism from netizens in India. In the video, it is not only the police who feed the cake, even the prisoner looks familiar and feeds Mahendara the cake in return.

Mumbai Police finally decided to transfer Mahendra to the police guardroom. This demotion again made netizens excited and Mahendra was still bombarded with criticism.

2. Celebrate a Fancy Birthday Party

Shake Your Head! Police Actions in India Eat Together to Celebrate Rice’s Birthday Photo: Site News

It seems that birthday celebrations are an important thing in India, including for inmates who are languishing in prison. Like the case that went viral in 2019. The Indian public was created a scene after a video of a murder convict named Pintu Tiwari celebrating a lavish birthday party in prison.

Pintu celebrated his 30th birthday with a cake, which was brought to the prison area. Although the video does not appear the police are involved. But they celebrated the birthday outside the cell, which the local police must have approved.

In addition to the cake cutting event, Putu also brought a lot of food such as biryani rice with goat’s side dishes for other inmates. This made the public angry, because they accused the police there of giving privileged access to prisoners.

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