Sensation of Nature Tourism While Education in Senggigi, Can Make Healing


West Lombok has various tourist objects. One of them is the Kerandangan Nature Park. You can travel nature while educating and healing here.

The extraordinary natural charm and surrounded by green forests with various types of trees are the main attraction of Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park.

This tourist attraction located in Senggigi village, Batulayar District, West Lombok is the right choice for a traveler’s vacation spot. The beautiful and cool location is the main attraction of the Kerandangan natural tourist park.

In addition, various types of plants and birds are the main attraction of this area. How come? we just entered this tourist area, the melodious sound of birds and cool green plants immediately greeted us and made us feel at home for long there.

Access paths that have been arranged neatly and beautifully make it easier for tourists to get around enjoying the fresh air in Kerandangan Nature Park. In addition, at some points there are also garden chairs as a place to rest and take selfies.

TWA Kerandangan Photo: (doc. West Lombok Regency Government)

Traveling at the Kerandangan Natural Tourism Park (TWA) is very useful because the cool air here can refresh the mind after being tired of activities.

“This is a very good tourist destination to refresh the mind after a tired activity. The fresh air accompanied by the sound of birds makes this location so comfortable,” said West Lombok Regional Secretary, Baehaqi.

Kerandangan Nature Tourism Park can also be used as an educational tour or a plant and bird laboratory. In this location, we can find various types of plants and trees.

Apart from that, we can also find out various types of birds and other animals in the Kerandangan Nature Park area. This can be a means of education or education for tourists who visit TWA Kerandangan.

“By visiting here, we will know the names of plants and trees as well as other types of birds and animals. This is an interesting tourist destination, apart from traveling, we can also study or take educational tours,” he added.

In addition to nature tourism and education, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of two very beautiful waterfalls at TWA Kerandangan. There is also an area of ​​20 acres for camping ground.

At this location, up to 30 tents can be set up for camping needs. Camping locations have also been equipped with toilet facilities and other supporting facilities.

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