Sea Labs Indonesia Ready to Accommodate 1,000 Digital Talents

PRESIDENT Joko Widodo on Tuesday (2/3) inaugurated Sea Labs Indonesia with Minister of State Secretary Pratikno; Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Nadiem Makarim; and Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki in
Pacific Century Place Building, Jakarta. President Jokowi appreciates the presence of Sea Labs Indonesia which can be a forum for digital talents to get various opportunities to work and learn at a global technology company, Shopee’s parent company, Sea Group.

On that occasion, President Jokowi also had a chance to talk with two MSME players, the Founder and CEO of the Akang Group Dendi Sepsaditri and the owner of LEAF Official Yoppy Setiadi. In his remarks, he hopes that there will be many local MSMEs that are able to grow using technological works from local digital talents. “We hope that the development of the digital economy can also trigger the development of MSME products as I saw earlier and contribute to inclusive, equitable and just economic growth,” said Jokowi.

The technology behind Shopee and ShopeeFood used by the Akang Group and LEAF was also assisted by contributions from local digital talents. There is Edwin Candinegara who currently works as Engineering Manager and Tech Lead in Singapore and Adhyan Arizki, Head of Engineering Growth Shopee. Their technological capabilities that have been honed in the global technology industry help the development of the country’s technology industry.

The presence of Sea Labs Indonesia will serve as a platform for the nation’s 1,000 digital talents so that they have various opportunities to work in global technology companies and learn directly from world-class technology experts. Thus, in the future, the Indonesian technology industry will have human resources who are able to compete globally and bring the Indonesian technology industry to become a global player. “But I don’t want Indonesia to only be a market but Indonesia must also be a player. Therefore, we must build a conducive ecosystem together,” explained Jokowi.

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Sea Labs Indonesia’s efforts are in line with the government’s efforts to make Indonesia one of the players in the world technology industry. President Jokowi said that the contribution of Indonesia’s digital economy in 2030 will increase by eight times, reaching Rp4,531 trillion. “I appreciate what Sea and Sea Labs Indonesia are doing, which will invite 1,000 people (Indonesian digital talents) to return to work in Indonesia,” concluded Jokowi. (Ant/OL-14)