Savings Shopping Tips, IDR 100,000 for a Week’s Stock of Cooking Ingredients


housewife ladder This is sharing tips for saving on shopping. With Rp 100,000, you can stock up on ingredients for one week.

Spending money is often a problem in the household. Not a few housewives complain that the monthly spending money is not enough to buy cooking ingredients.

Through her TikTok video @hi_armaida (13/02), this housewife named Armaida Aditya shares tips on saving on shopping. For a week he prepares a meal fund of Rp. 100,000.

“Every week I have to budget IDR 100,000 for food,” said the woman from South Lampung in the video.

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White tofu and yellow tofu bought for IDR 5,000 Photo: TikTok @hi_armaida

In the TikTok video, he is shopping for cooking ingredients with IDR 100,000 in cash. These foodstuffs can be in stock for a week.

All the ingredients are bought in the market traditional. Starting from 1 bunch of kale for IDR 2,500, white and yellow tofu IDR 5,000, tomatoes for IDR 5,000, chili for IDR 5,000, 1/2 kg potatoes for IDR 7,000.

In addition, there is also packaged corn for IDR 3,000, 1/2 kg of bitter gourd IDR 4,000, spinach for IDR 5,000, carrots for 1/4 kg IDR 2,000, mustard greens for IDR 4,000, 1/2 kg of chicken for IDR 23,000 and 1/2 kg of fish for IDR 15,000. .

And the ingredients that are always bought are tempeh for IDR 5,000, quail eggs for IDR 5,000 and chicken eggs for IDR 9,500 for 1/5 kg. The point is from these shopping tips, Armaida always provides enough ingredients for the family.

In addition, he also always chooses fresh vegetables so that they last longer when stored in the refrigerator for a week. Like choosing tomatoes that are not very ripe so they don’t rot quickly during stock.

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Shopping moneyChili purchased for IDR 5,000 Photo: TikTok @hi_armaida

To detikFood (14/02) Armaida said the results were for 4 members of her family. He also gives four tips to save money in shopping.

First, must consistent to continue cooking at home. “Because it’s useless if we’ve done the shopping and prepared the ingredients but instead just sit idle in the fridge, it’s a waste of money,” said Armaida.

The second tip is to make a meal plan first. “For example, what do you plan to cook this week. You can ask your husband for help to request the menu you want to cook,” he said.

Then, it is also important to make details of each material to be purchased. Also try to make enough shopping according to the ingredients in the notes.

“Don’t force yourself to buy kilos for one meal,” said Armaida.

Lastly and most importantly, don’t be shy about buying a ‘share’ system to traders. “For example, the need for chili in a week is only a little, don’t be ashamed to buy it with a system for the price of Rp. 5,000,”. the lid.

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