Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the Pandemic


It used to be known as one of the cheap market cake centers. Now the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market has become quiet since the prolonged pandemic.

In the Ciledug area, people may already be familiar with the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market. This cake market has been around since the early 2000s. Indeed, not during the Blok M Subuh Cake Market until the Senen Subuh Cake Market.

But in the past, the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market became the center for market snacks and various delicious cakes offered by traders.

But unfortunately, since the pandemic, many cake vendors at the Saraswati Subuh Cake Market have gone out of business due to the lack of buyers, until the cake ingredients continue to spike sharply.

Here are some pictures of the Saraswati Fajr Cake Market which was affected by the pandemic.

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1. Dawn Cake Market that is Open Until Afternoon

Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Photo: detikFood

Even though it’s called the Subuh Cake Market, at Saraswati Market, cake sellers start selling from 4 am to 4 pm. Because this cake market is integrated with the traditional Saraswati market, so the visitors are always busy even in the afternoon.

It’s not difficult to find the Fajr Cake Market in Saraswati, because it is located in front of the entrance, complete with the inscription of the Subuh Cake Market. Unfortunately there are only three sellers on weekdays, and five cake sellers on holidays and weekends.

According to Mrs. Hera, as one of the cake sellers at Saraswati Market. Many sellers have gone out of business since the pandemic.

“In the past, it was busy selling, from end to end they were all cake sellers. But since the pandemic, many have stopped selling. Until there are only three sellers here, including me. On weekends, usually there are five cake sellers selling, “explained Mrs. Hera to detikFood (27/02).

2. Merry Cheap Market Cakes

Saraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the PandemicSaraswati Dawn Cake Market Sluggish Since the Pandemic Photo: detikFood

Mrs. Hera is one of the cake traders who sells every day at the Saraswati Dawn Cake Market. He sells from 4 am to 4 pm, assisted by his son.

“If I’m here a day, I can bring around 20-30 types of cakes. I sell mostly wet cakes and sweet cakes. Most of these sweet cakes I make myself, so it’s more economical and I can still make a profit, even though I sell it for Rp. 1,500 an,”

He also sells cakes such as rolls, cake rings, lapis legit, rainbow rolls, nagasari, bugis cakes, layer cakes, eclairs, solo sausages, lemper, pastels, risoles, lontong and many more.

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