San Kheu Jong, Recommended Great Coffee Place in Singkawang


Talking about Singkawang, you can’t escape the coffee shop. One of the recommendations is San Kheu Jong with a modern concept, but the taste is authentic!

Besides having a thousand temples, Singkawang also has a thousand coffee shops aka Kopitiam. For the ethnic Chinese community, coffee at the kopitiam has become a daily routine.

Of the many kopitiam in Singkawang, tourists are recommended to try sipping coffee at San Kheu Jong, a coffee shop that is quite busy.

The bustle of this coffee shop is not limited to a certain time. Whether it’s morning, afternoon, evening, or even night, San Kheu Jong is always packed with visitors.

San Kheu Jong or local residents used to abbreviate it as SKJ is on Jalan Budi Utomo, Singkawang. The location is not far from the Welcome gate to the very iconic Hong Kong Market Area.

San Kheu Jong Kopitiam Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

The Kopitiam building consists of two floors. At the back, there is an outdoor area where a traveler can have coffee while smoking. This outdoor area is deliberately made like a ship that leads to the river. There is also an air-conditioned indoor area.

Travelers can order coffee at San Kheu Jong. There is O coffee and also milk coffee. The most unique thing, this coffee shop provides culinary porridge scissors that are typical of Singkawang. One of the few places that still provide this type of culinary.

San Kheu Jong KopitiamSan Kheu Jong Kopitiam Photo: Wahyu Setyo Widodo/detikTravel

Scissor porridge or Luk Theu San consists of cakue and porridge from green beans whose grains are still intact. The cake is then cut into pieces, put in a bowl, and then poured with sweet-tasting porridge.

The combination tastes really unique. The savory cake eaten with sweet porridge is surprising, but it’s just perfect and sure to fill you up.

The price for drinks at San Kheu Jong is around Rp. 20,000 only. Likewise with the food. There’s no need to spend deeply if you hang out here.

San Kheu Jong Kopitiam also often holds live music events to entertain its visitors. This coffee shop is open until 24.00 every day. Suitable for those of you who like to hang out until the night.

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