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Samsung Temporarily Stops Shipments of Products to Russia Due to Logistical Barriers

Electronics MANUFACTURER, Samsung Electronics Co. said on Monday (7/3) it was temporarily suspending shipments of products to Russia due to major disruptions in global logistics over unrest over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Samsung was forced to stop shipments to Russia due to various factors, including logistical problems and unstable exchange rates, like many other global companies,” a company spokesman told Yonhap News Agency.

Global shipping companies, including Maersk, have halted most shipments to Russia following a series of Western sanctions against Russia, and the Russian ruble recently plunged to record lows amid rising geopolitical risks.

The South Korean tech giant said it was looking into measures to deal with the volatile business environment.

While Samsung’s TV factory in Kaluga, southwest of Moscow, is operating normally, it could also face disruption if the current unrest drags on.

Samsung is under increasing pressure to join forces with other global companies to cut business ties with Russia, which has intensified its unwarranted military aggression in Ukraine.

Apple and Microsoft, among others, said they were suspending sales of new products and services in Russia in protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

Last week, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov, who is also minister of digital transformation, urged Samsung to take firm action to sever ties with Russia in an open letter to Samsung Deputy Chairman Han Jong-hee.

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In a letter posted on his Twitter account, Fedorov asked Samsung to “temporarily stop supplying Samsung services and products to the Russian Federation, including blocking access to Samsung Pay, Samsung-Galaxy Store and Samsung Shop.”

The tech giant has been operating in Russia for almost 30 years. The company had the honor of being named “Russia’s favorite brand” by Moscow-based Online Market Intelligence from 2011-2016.

Samsung was also the leading mobile device vendor in Russia last year, occupying about 26.6 percent of the market, followed by Apple, according to German market researcher Statista.

“We believe that such action (stopping Samsung’s services in Russia) will motivate youth and active residents of Russia to proactively stop this shameful military aggression,” Fedorov said.

“By 2022, modern technology may be the best answer for tanks, multiple rocket launchers and missiles, targeting residential neighborhoods, kindergartens and hospitals,” he said.

Samsung has not officially responded to the request.

Over the weekend, Samsung said it would donate $6 million to support humanitarian efforts for Ukrainian refugees, including $1 million in consumer electronics products, Yonhap was quoted as saying Monday. (Ant/OL-7)