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Samsung believes its chips and components will be successful in 2022

Samsung Electronics believes its chip and components division will achieve success in 2022, as they strive to improve performance in meeting the chip supply needs in the global market.

Co-Chief Executive Kyu Kye Hyun expressed his confidence at the annual Shareholders’ Meeting with estimates that Samsung will outperform the global chip market growth of 9 percent.

As a business strategy, Samsung will seek new clients with the hope that the market will grow high and Samsung will also increase its supply capacity by increasing operations in its factories.

The tech giant will also increase its responsiveness in producing bespoke chips in growth areas such as high-performance computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Kyu Kye Hyun also responded to a question about the latest chip which is expected to provide big business benefits but is currently known to have less than optimal performance for its 5 nm chip.

He also mentioned that the development of his business did take time but showed improved performance.

“As the process results get better, the complexity increases, and about 5 nanometers or less is now approaching the physical limits of semiconductor devices,” he said.

Samsung aims to increase profitability and supply by optimizing line operations and continuously improving processes already in mass production.

Global tightness in the supply of chips and components, due to limited production capacity coupled with a surge in demand for chips used in everything from smartphones to cars, is driving investment by governments and chipmakers.

However, the new production line that is being planned now will certainly not be released online for several years. (Ant/OL-12)