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Ruling on eating fruits and vegetables with caterpillars in them


There’s a caterpillar inside fruit or vegetables are common and natural. However, if you accidentally eat it, what is the law in Islam?

You must have come across fruits and vegetables that have caterpillars in them. Usually it happens when there are parts of fruits and vegetables that rot, resulting in caterpillars.

Therefore you have to be careful before eating it. You can cut the rotten part so that the caterpillars don’t eat. However, many people are not aware that they accidentally eat the caterpillar.

In this condition, what is the law in the view of Islam? Quoted from the Sharia Consultant, basically, of course, Allah SWT orders his servants to consume halal and good food and drinks.

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As stated in his words:

“O mankind, eat what is lawful and good from what is there is on earth, and do not follow the steps of the devil; for verily the devil is a real enemy to you” (Surah Al-Baqoroh: 168).

Regarding the matter of caterpillars or maggots in fruits and vegetables, the scholars say that the original law is haram. As mentioned by Imam An-Nawari in the book Minhajut Talibin:

“It is not lawful to eat swallows, ants, bees, flies, and insects such as beetles and caterpillars,” (Minhajut Thalibin wa Umdatul Muftin: 420).

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Ruling on eating fruit with caterpillarsIt’s legal to eat fruit with caterpillars on it. Photo: iStock

However, if the caterpillar is in fruits and vegetables and is accidentally eaten, Imam An-Nawari also mentions the ruling:

“And the carcasses of fish and grasshoppers are lawful, as well as caterpillars found in food such as vinegar and fruit when eaten with them, in a stronger opinion,” (Minhajut Thalibin wa Umdatul Muftin: 414).

This is also explained by Sheikh Abdullah al-Kuhuji in the book Zaadul muhtaz. He explained that apart from vinegar and fruit, there were also caterpillars found in cheese, even though they were eaten dead.

“Halal is because the presence of caterpillars is difficult to separate from food, and the consequence of this reason is: if the caterpillars are easily separated from food, such as apples, then it is unlawful,”.

“Then from the words of Imam An-Nawawi ‘if eaten with him’ shows that if the caterpillar is eaten separately then the law is haram, because of its impurity and it is a disgusting animal,” (Zaadul Muhtaj bisyarhil Minhaj: 4/373).

So the point is that the original law of eating caterpillars is haram. However, if the condition is in a fruit or vegetable so that it is accidentally eaten, then the law becomes halal. So be careful before eat.

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