RI Delegation Presents Digital and Social Communication Program at OECD

Located at the OECD (International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) Headquarters, Paris, France, Indonesian representatives were invited to present the success of Indonesia’s strategy in handling Covid-19 based on digital and social communication approaches.

The delegation from the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) was attended by Anita Karolina, Devie Rahmawati, Ivana Maida, Rizky Ameliah.

The 2022 conference entitled 5th meeting of the OECD Expert Group on Public Communication attended by more than 40 delegates from at least 16 developed countries in the world.

Delegates from Indonesia and Singapore were invited to represent Southeast Asia.

“The digital communication profile of the State of Indonesia, which has a population of 277 million people, who come from 1,300 ethnic groups, speak more than 700 local languages ​​in the region, and live in an archipelago consisting of 17,000 islands,” said Rizky. Amelia, Coordinator of Digital Literacy at the Ministry of Communication and Information.

Indonesia has a total of 202.6 million internet users in Indonesia (70% of the total population), and 62% of the total population are active social media users (170 million).

“The average use of social media is 3 hours, 14 minutes per day. This profile makes communication one of the challenges that need to be managed systematically, structured and massively in an effort to handle Covid-19,” said Rizky.

“The Covid pandemic has become a momentum for accelerating digital transformation in Indonesia, which facilitates people through the pandemic period by staying connected to each other and increasing the community’s learning, working and business capacity,” added Devie Rahmawati, representative of the Ministry of Communication and Information.

“On the other hand, the development of digital infrastructure is also accompanied by the spread of hoax issues around Covid 19, which have reached 2,240 issues during the period 23 January 2022 – 5 October 2022,” said Devie.

In an effort to deal with this, President Jokowi since May 2021 has launched the Makin Cakap Digital literacy program, which aims to ensure that all Indonesians have immunity to negative content, through basic digital skills to reach a total of 50 million Indonesians in 514 districts/cities.

“In digital literacy, a colossal training is carried out with an average of 16 thousand literacy activities to reach a minimum of 12 million people per year until 2024,” said Devie, UI Vocational digital social researcher.

Thanks to extensive digital communication and direct face-to-face communication through Behavior Change Ambassadors who consist of various 7 elements of society (heptahelix) including scholars, students, lecturers, businessmen, government, it is not surprising that Indonesia was able to give birth to an Independent Vaccination program.

“The Merdeka Vaccination program has proven to be successful and has made Indonesia a top 5 country that has succeeded in administering vaccinations, to controlling Covid infections, even though Indonesia is not a vaccine-producing country, for example,” Devie concluded. (RO/OL-09)

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