Relictum Ecosystem Indonesia Launches Crypto Asset Genesis Token

DIGITAL Asset Academy has organized Indonesia Creative Economy Expo (IDCEX) East Java 2022 on Saturday (26/3).

At the same time, the ecosystem was launched as platform integrated for DeFi, NFT, Web 3.0, and GameFi.

The launch was held at Bumi Surabaya City Resort, Surabaya City, witnessed by more than 450 digital asset investors and live broadcasts on line witnessed by the big family of the Adil Sejahtera Digital Smart Foundation which has more than 127,000 students throughout Indonesia.

The inauguration of the IDCEX East Java 2022 was carried out by the Governor of East Java (Jatim) marked by the beating of the gong by the Chair of the East Java Provincial Economic Bureau Iwan S.Hut, MM who represented the Governor of East Java.

The launch of Relictum Ecosystem Indonesia was also inaugurated with the beating of the gong by digital economy expert Dr. Sulistya Putra, Founder of Digital Asset Academy (DAC) and witnessed by representatives of the Governor of East Java.

In the inauguration ceremony, Frans Limbong, the General Chair of IDCEX East Java, Lola Haryanti Regional Director DAC West Java Banten, Central Java DIY, Gede Fedry Mahendranata Regional Director DAC Jakarta Sumatra Bali, and Prof. Dr. Anna Maria, SH, MH, MBA, Head of the Kadin Fashion Art (Kadifa) which fosters weaving and songket craftsmen in 34 provinces.

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Dr. Sulistya Putra stated that the launch of Relictum Ecosystem Indonesia, which was accessed via website will support increasing national economic resilience.

In addition, is expected to contribute to protecting national assets including the nation’s culture with reliable, safe, transparent and honest technology.

In a written statement, Tuesday (29/3), Sulistya explained, “Relictum Ecosystem makes every owner WL can become a crypto bank manager using a single Relictum Node super application to access various DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFT (Non Fungible Token) and GameFi decentralized applications.”

Relictum Ecosystem based on Blockchain 5.0 Relictum Pro is the best infrastructure for the trend of Web 3.0, namely blockchain-based internet protocol.

The Relictum Ecosystem platform provides a unified solution that is easier, safer, and more complete than thousands of separate decentralized applications.”

The development of the world’s first Relictum Ecosystem based on Blockchain 5.0 technology is supported by 10 billion Genesis Tokens (GTN) and 50% or as much as 5 billion GTN can be owned by digital asset investors through a “private sale”.

It has now sold 1.9 billion GTN. GTN owners get a double benefit, namely from the increase in the value of digital assets cryptocurrency GTN and profit sharing royalties twice a month.

GTN owners can also get additional GTN units from Relictum Staking which are useful for maintaining and increasing the resilience of GTN values.

GTN will also listing on LBANK Exchange which has signed an official partnership with Relictum. GTN packages can be accessed by registering an account on the website.

Relictum Ecosystem’s DeFi solution consists of Relictum Finance for international business payments and traditional bankless interstate remittances using stable coins USDR with zero transaction fees aka free.

Relictum Pay supported by Visa, Mastercard and Simplex to guarantee liquidity and exchange cryptocurrency and fiat money.

Relictum DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for buying and selling 500 pairs of crypto assets, Relictum Staking for crypto deposits, Relictum Swap for direct exchange between cryptocurrencies, and Relictum Pool as a unit link for crypto assets.

Relictum Ecosystem also has a wrapped coin to “wrap” Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum with Blockchain 5.0 so RBTC, RLTC, RETH. Its function is to make transactions faster and cost-effective.

Relictum Bridge is a technology for interconnecting Relictum Pro Blockchain 5.0 with the Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, Near, Polkadot and various other Blockchain ecosystems.

This strategy will increase the liquidity and reusability of the Relictum Ecosystem thereby driving the GTN price higher in the future.

Relictum Storage is a distributed file system that is a critical infrastructure of Web 3.0. Relictum Chat and Relictum Game have a market potential of 3.6 billion users worldwide.

All Relictum Ecosystem applications can be accessed with a single Relictum Node crypto wallet which can be downloaded for free at

In his remarks read by Iwan, the Governor of East Java welcomed and fully supported IDCEX East Java 2022.

The implementation of IDCEX East Java 2022 by Digital Asset Academy is in line with the East Java provincial government’s program for the development of the creative economy and empowerment of MSMEs in the East Java region.

Iwan also explained the importance of the creative economy sector which absorbs 15.21% of the workforce and contributes 31.12% to the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) of East Java.

In 2021 Cooperatives and MSMEs will contribute 57.25% to East Java’s GDP. East Java’s exports in 2021 will increase by 18.15% and the realization of East Java’s PMDN of Rp 16.3 trillion is the second largest national domestic investment.

Meanwhile, Frans Limbong expressed his gratitude to the Governor of East Java and various parties who supported DAC’s mission to hold IDCEX East Java 2002.

“IDCEX East Java 2002 also provides public education in the digital economy to improve people’s welfare and digital transformation for creative economy actors to strengthen national economic resilience and national cultural resilience,” he said.

IDCEX East Java 2022 also held Talkshow Protection of National Cultural Assets and Creative Economy in the Digital Era Increase National Economic Resilience.”

Prof. Dr. Anna Maria, SH, MH, MBA who is also the founder of Yayasan Cinta Budaya Nusantara Traditional Fabrics (CBKN) in the talk show proclaimed September 7 as the National Songket Weaving Day.

Prof. Anna proposed a Presidential Decree to confirm woven fabrics and songket as intangible cultural heritage belonging to the Indonesian people. This Presidential Decree is important as a legal basis for international recognition of the cultural assets of the Indonesian nation.

“Protection of the traditional arts and culture of Indonesian heritage woven fabrics and songkets has also been initiated by Prof. Dr. Anna Maria using NFT digital technology in collaboration with the Digital Asset Academy,” he explained.

After talk shows, The event continued with the presentation of the DAC Award for digital economy educators who have contributed to building and fostering digital asset learning communities in various regions of Indonesia and abroad.

The Surabaya Art Expo, which was first held at IDCEX East Java 2022, featured 200 works by Indonesian painters, especially from East Java, worth a total of more than Rp 15 billion.

One of the oldest paintings by the painter Lesmono aged 228 years, painted in 1794, is currently in production at the $1 million USDR Relictum NFT Premium.

At the end of the IDCEX East Java event, Muchlis Zahidy, a painter from Tuban, made a painting on the spot, inspired by the sense of harmony and synergy he felt during the event.

His work was auctioned with GTN. Andreanus Gunawan, a painter from Surabaya, handed over two paintings to Dr. Sulistya Putra and Lola Haryanti by bartering GTN digital assets.

HM Riyanto painter from Gresik submitted the first calligraphy painting from Indonesia to Relictum NFT Islam. This inspired other painters to trade paintings for GTN digital assets. (RO/OL-09)

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