Recommended New Exciting Activities in Singapore, Must Try!


Filling vacation time does not always have to stay in a hotel or go to a shopping center. One of the activities that can be done to pass the time while on vacation is exercising.

In addition to keeping the body healthy and fit during the holidays, sports can also make tourists explore other interesting places in the places they visit. Moreover, several countries now have supporting facilities for travelers to exercise.

This is also what Singapore wants to give to tourists who come for vacation. Although quite famous as a place to shop for some travelers from Indonesia, Singapore has a variety of places and activities for exercising.

Where are the fun places in Singapore to exercise while having fun with friends and family? Here are the recommendations.


HydroDash is the new and only floating water park in Singapore. Opened in September 2020, it consists of four different zones with three difficulty levels, including trampolines, jump-off platforms, and obstacles with swings and slides.

Because it is located on the water, so don’t be afraid to fall over or fall. Don’t forget to also bring a change of clothes when you go here. Located on Palawan Beach, HydroDash is open until 6pm.

Skyline Aqua

For those who like to do yoga, this place can be a recommendation, you know. In contrast to yoga places which are usually in a field or room, this place makes visitors do yoga on a mat that is floating in the water.

This innovation is very interesting to try, because in addition to physical fitness, visitors can experience yoga that is different from usual. To try it, you can come to Parkroyal on Beach Road. Don’t forget to vote for the session!

Fit Block

Photo: FitBloc

Fit Bloc is Singapore’s first and largest hybrid indoor fitness and bouldering gym. In Fit Bloc, visitors can climb walls that are in 3 different sections. Don’t worry, there is already an experience guide who can teach you.

Not only that, in this gym, visitors can also train their bodies in the weight room, swimming pool, sauna, treadmill, and spin bike. Located at 87 Science Park, Fit Bloc is open daily until 22:30.

Changi Jurassic Mile

Famous for the bustling lights from the city, Singapore turns out to have a unique cycling path with beautiful views. It’s the Changi Jurassic Mile, a 3.5 km long bicycle and jogging track that is interesting to visit.

Opened in October 2020, the Changi Jurassic Mile is a new airport link road linking Changi Airport with East Coast Park. Interestingly, along the 3.5 km there are 20 dinosaur models with immersive sounds, which take runners and cyclists back to the Jurassic era.

Surf Cove

Fun Activities in SingaporePhoto: Surf Cove Singapore

Like surfing? Singapore also has a suitable place for those who like this water sport. The place is Surf Cove which is a 10-minute drive from Changi Airport. This place offers exciting new wave surfing attractions.

Standing on approximately 15,000 square feet of land, Surf Cove has the world-famous Double FlowRider ride. After tired of surfing, visitors are also presented with a dining room, various retail shops, music, and interesting events.

Those are some places that can be used as an option for a vacation while exercising in Singapore. With these places, it is not impossible for the body to stay healthy and fit while on vacation.

Moreover, Singapore is home to a diverse wellness ecosystem that caters to different fitness levels, interests and goals. Singapore also promises a high-quality, safe and accessible experience for all. Relive the Dream of Vacation and Relaxation to Singapore. Plan your vacation to Singapore now through Travel Partner Antavaya in collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, get the best deals!

Singapore Tourism BoardPhoto: doc. Singapore Tourism Board

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