Recommended 5 Foods in a Delicious Narrow Alley Nampol from Nex Carlos


Identical to the jargon ‘culinary around Indonesia’, Nex Carlos often find unexpected places to eat. Like some of these places to eat whose position is ‘tucked in’ in a narrow alley.

Who doesn’t know Nex Carlos? This famous food vlogger never fails to make his audience drool while watching his culinary videos.

Having a jargon of ‘culinary around Indonesia’, makes Nex Carlos never stop looking for unique places to eat. Starting from legendary places to eat, places to eat that serve unique menus, to blusukan into narrow alleys.

Although served in a narrow and simple place, some of these places to eat have a special taste. Some of them have a delicacy that is even legendary.

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Here are 5 food recommendations in a narrow alley from Nex Carlos:

Having been present since 1966, Lontong Kari, which is in this narrow alley, has become a regular for officials. Photo: YouTube/Nex Carlos

1. Lontong Curry 1966

Hunting for legendary culinary delights, Nex Carlos visited a place to eat on a very small street. Even customers who want to come and eat here must park their vehicles far in front of the alley.

RM Lontong Kari has even been around since 1966 and its delicacy is still very popular today. Located on Jalan Otto Iskandar Dinata, Gang Karet, Bandung, many of its customers are tirelessly hunting for lontong curry here.

Visited by many dignitaries, Nex Carlos also recognizes the delicacy of lontong curry that has been served for more than half a century. The taste of the curry sauce called Nex Carlos is so rich. There is a sweet taste of brown sugar, spices, to a savory coconut milk broth.

2. Mr. Sarwon’s Grilled Ribs

Wandering the city of Bandung, Nex Carlos found a place to eat that is not only in a small alley, but also in a narrow and dark street. For the sake of a portion of grilled ribs, Nex Carlos was willing to visit the steep downhill road to Pak Sarwon’s house.

This Pak Sarwon figure is famous for the typical Pak Sarwon Grilled Ribs. Right on the edge of the river, Iga Bakar Pak Sarwon is located at Jalan Ciumbuleuit No. 70, Hegamanah, Bandung.

Entering directly into the kitchen, Nex Carlos apparently ran out of grilled ribs because Mr. Sarwon said that the order was booming that day. Uniquely, this place carries a serving concept similar to a hot plate but uses a mortar.

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