Recognize the Crimes Trap Websites Can Do

Understanding of digital security makes surfing activities in cyberspace more comfortable. Digitally savvy individuals should be careful pressing the links they get. Because, it could be that the link leads to a trap website containing viruses that can quickly attack gadgets.

In addition to trap links, Indonesian netizens are still used to looking for freebies. They are trying to find a website that provides free movies. “After downloading the file, it turns out that we have entered a trap site that contains a lot of malware,” said Korwil Mafindo Malang, DCG Indonesia Program Manager, Anandito Birowo in Kediri, East Java, on Friday (29/7).

Malicious Software (malware) is malicious software, it is easy to spread and infect digital landscapes. Virus is a type of malware that has the ability to manipulate data, infect, change, and damage a computer program.
In addition to avoiding visiting suspicious booby-trapped websites, continued Anandito, each individual must also be careful about installing applications. Don’t get used to passing app reviews. Especially if the application is not trusted.

“Don’t like to skip reading application reviews, even though the installed application turns out to be malware. Because some apps on playstore are actually malware. We are not careful,” he said again. (OL-12)

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