Really Hits! These 5 Cafes in West Jakarta Have Great Coffee


Diverse cafes in West Jakarta turns out to have a coffee menu that tastes delicious. There are 5 cafes that you can use as a mainstay for an exciting hangout.

Weekends are usually used by some people to unwind. One of the most visited places is a cafe with a cozy feel and has good food and drinks.

In the West area, you can find a variety of comfortable cafes to hang out with. What’s more, the cafes have a delicious coffee menu.

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1. Angle One

Hits Cafe in West with Delicious Coffee Photo: Instagram @anglesatu

Cafe named Angle One already has thousands of reviews on Google Reviews. This indicates that the Corner One cafe is very popular in the Tanjung Duren area, West Jakarta.

The comfortable atmosphere is immediately felt when you enter the oak in the cafe area. For friends to hang out with, Corner One also has a variety of coffee drink menus.

The mainstay of the coffee menu from Corner Satu is its iced coffee milk. In addition, there is also a hot cappuccino that can be combined with a pancake snack.

2. Coffee Dia

Hits Cafe in West with Great CoffeeHits Cafe in West with Delicious Coffee Photo: Instagram @coffee.dia

Coffee Dia will definitely become a favorite hangout place for women. Because of the aesthetic design of the cafe. In addition, this cafe also has a wide selection of delicious desserts for drinking coffee.

In this cafe you can also have a beautiful picnic in the backyard of Coffee Dia. The cafe will arrange the drinks and cakes you order very beautifully.

The coffee choices range from cafe latte, cappuccino, to affogato. For dessert, there are scones, lemon cake, cookies, and Lotus brownies.

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