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RB560 Bluetooth Speaker Offers Quality Audio for Virtual Communication

ADAPTATION to new life in a time of pandemic demands that many people have superior audio and video devices. In fact, in the last two years, people have felt the freedom and flexibility with virtual activities such as work from home, virtual meetings, online events, and even family gatherings carried out remotely.

Although communicating remotely, we must be able to connect and communicate with each other well. As a result, the use of supporting devices such as the best audio needs to be used to support the communication process. The question is, how to choose an audio device that has excellent quality to ensure good communication? You see, audio is the main device for maximum virtual communication continuity.

Seeing this phenomenon, Rosita Su conveyed the importance of choosing an audio device that is able to answer expectations for audio technology that is connected smoothly and easily configured to suit various room sizes. In addition, the tool is certainly friendly to the ear health of its users.

“The principle of a device that is ear-friendly and easy to operate is really needed because this new lifestyle trend will continue for a long period of time,” said the Sales Director of PT Wook Global Technology in a written statement, Monday (7/3).

Therefore, it introduced the Robot Bluetooth Speaker RB560 as a smart audio solution today that is very relevant to the needs of many people. This device is supported by a powerful quality bass that is qualified. As another support, this device has other exclusive features, namely users can set alarms with two schedules at once, display the ambient temperature, listen to the radio, and an LED display that can be used as a mirror.

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Rosita Su ensures that the quality and effectiveness of her products can help maximize the productivity of today’s virtual community activities. In addition, this device has an affordable price for the community in the range of Rp. 200,000.

These products can be obtained in online and offline stores throughout Indonesia. Robot is part of Wook Global Technology which is the first B2B application platform in Indonesia with a network of 40,000 stores and retailers. (OL-14)