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Raffi Ahmad Introduces RansVerse

There are more than 24 thousand virtual plots of land provided by RansVerse, Raffi Ahmad’s first metaverse project. Later, said Raffi, everyone can buy and own assets in RansVerse.

Raffi, who is also the Founder and Chairman of RANS Entertainment, admitted that he was serious about working on the RansVerse project. There are currently 300 animators for the project. In RansVerse, everyone can chat and socialize and own assets easily using $VCG Token.

“So later we can socialize not only in the real world but in the metaverse world, in the Ransverse. We can chat, can transact, buy land. For example in the metaverse world, anyone can become a neighbor of RANS.,” said Raffi, Wednesday (16/3).

On the same occasion, VCGamers Co-Founder and Chairman Wafa Taftazani said that RansVerse is a metaverse that uses blockchain technology as a foundation. There are a number of features included in RansVerse.

“Later, there will be activities such as games, content that can be watched, we also want an e-commerce system as well. Of course, trade in goods and services as well,” said Wafa.

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He explained, in the collaboration between VCGamers and RANS Entertainment, both parties will support each other. VCGamers will later support all the needs of RANS Entertainment.

“This is just one example of the collaboration. Where we, the RANS Entertainment ecosystem, will all be brought to RansVerse. So football clubs, basketball clubs, zoos, music, content, movies, shopping products, will all be brought to RansVerse,” he said. .

Wafa stated that the purchase of assets in Ransverse will use the $VCG Token which has entered the Indonesian market through Indodax and passed the Certik audit.

VCGamers is the first company in Indonesia to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with auditor Certik, on March 18, 2022.(Ant/OL-5)