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Providing Convenience for Customers, Local Brand Elizabeth Launches Application

ELIZABETH officially launched the app on March 7, 2022. Elizabeth as fashion brands Indonesia, which has been around for more than 50 years, continues to innovate and adapt to adapt to technological developments.

Elizabeth not only provides services on line through marketplace and website, but also launch the app.

More than 5,000 complete collections of Elizabeth products can be easily enjoyed by all loyal customers anywhere and anytime.

“This application is our commitment to provide platform shopping that is easily accessible anytime and anywhere,” said Resti Ghita Pribadi as Elizabeth’s Brand Manager in a press statement, Tuesday (8/3).

“With this application, we hope to increase customer convenience for shopping and more people will be able to enjoy Elizabeth’s products more easily,” explained Resti.

Through this application, users can enjoy the convenience of shopping 24/7 and see the most complete collection of Elizabeth products.

“Users can also get loyalty points and can exchange it for vouchers shopping,” said Ghita.

“Not only that, users can also communicate and consult with customer service through this application, and there are still many interesting features in this application,” he explained

The launch of this application is Elizabeth’s new breakthrough to answer consumers’ shopping needs more easily and comfortably.

Elizabeth’s loyal customers can enjoy the most complete products and up to date such as a collection of women’s bags, women’s shoes, shoes and many more with various models, sizes and desired colors.

“The Elizabeth application can now be downloaded on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store,” said Ghita.

In a series of application launches, Elizabeth held a 20% discount promo for all products. People can enjoy discounts on every purchase on the Elizabeth application.

By checking Elizabeth’s instagram (@elizabeth_ez). “We provide this special promotion as a form of our love for Elizabeth’s loyal customers throughout Indonesia,” said Ghita.