Profile of Jami Attaqwa Sriwijaya Mosque, Sandiaga’s In-Law Cemetery


The body of Abdul Aziz Marzuki, the father-in-law of the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno, will be buried in the garden area of ​​the Sriwijaya Attaqwa Mosque, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. The late Abdul Aziz was mentioned long ago that he wanted to be buried at the Sriwijaya Attaqwa Mosque.

“So from the start I knew that the deceased wanted to be buried here, I had ordered him to be buried here. It was a long time ago that he wanted to be buried here,” said the nephew of the late Abdul Aziz, Haris Abdillah, when met at Attaqwa Mosque, Sunday (6/2/2022).

Haris said the family of the late Abdul Aziz was also buried in the Sriwijaya Mosque area. From his mother to his brother, he said, he was also buried in the Sriwijaya Mosque area. Haris himself is one of the administrators of the Attaqwa Mosque.

“Indeed, from the beginning all the families were here, and wanted to be buried in the front room of the mosque, all the brothers, the mother of the deceased was in front of the mosque here who was buried. So all will gather with the family. There are already brothers, sisters, and their mother, their biological mother ,” said Harris.

View detikTravel from the official website, Jami Attaqwa Sriwijaya Mosque has been established since 1920 on the waqf land of the late H Yusuf bin Gede Ali.

Named Senayan Mosque

Another interesting fact, Jami Attagwa Sriwijaya Mosque is also often called the Senayan Mosque because of its close location. In 1952 this mosque was shifted and rebuilt by the Government on a land area of ​​1,260m².

Sandiaga Uno’s father-in-law, or the father of Nur Asia Uno, H. Abdul Aziz Marzuki, has passed away (Nur Asia Uno’s Instagram doc)

At present the Jami Attaqwa Sriwijaya Mosque is managed by the “Sriwijaya Jami’ Attaqwa Mosque Foundation” which for the role of the supervisor of the current Jami Attaqwa Mosque, is H. Abdul Aziz Marzuki (the late Sandiaga’s father-in-law) who is also the grandson of the late Mr. H Yusuf bin Gede Ali .

This mosque has undergone several building and land expansions, so that currently the mosque building area is around 2,173m² and a land area of ​​3,000m² including a multipurpose hall facility covering an area of ​​1,000m² which can also support worship activities and other activities.

The laying of the first stone for the expansion and rebuilding of the Jami’ Attaqwa Sriwijaya Mosque was carried out by the late KH Masykur, the late KH M Natsir and witnessed by Ulama and Habaib on December 8, 1989 and the inauguration of the completion of the construction of the Jami Attaqwa Sriwijaya Mosque by the late Vice President The Republic of Indonesia at that time was Mr. H Soedharmono on February 28, 1992.

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