Price of IDR 150 thousand Seafood Package Considered Expensive, Netizens Give Funny Comments


The issue of food prices and portions has always been an interesting topic for netizens to discuss. Like the price of this seafood package.

The seafood menu served with Padang sauce, and in a large container filled with green mussels, squid, shrimp, corn and many others is indeed a popular menu. The price of this seafood package is also relatively cheaper, because it contains a lot and how many types of seafood you can get.

However, the menu at the seafood stall ‘Kerang Time’ in Mojokerto has become a topic of debate among netizens. After they uploaded a video containing a complete seafood package filled with green mussels, shrimp and corn on the table.

“At this rate, it’s only IDR 150,000, if you say it’s expensive, it’s better to skip it,” wrote the Shell Time account on their TikTok. This upload is then shared back to Twitter via the sharing account @convomfs (07/05).

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In the screenshot, it appears that netizens do not call this seafood menu too expensive. But quipped with hilarious comments.

“Very little. In my area, Rp. 100,000 is complete with the Mermaid,” joked @nach**.

Seafood Package Price of IDR 150 thousand Becomes a Debate, Netizens Dirty with Funny CommentsSeafood Package Price of IDR 150 thousand Becomes a Debate, Netizens Disgust with Hilarious Comments Photo: Twitter

“But this is nothing. I’ve eaten seafood in Muara Angke, the total cost was IDR 2 million. I think the most expensive is IDR 500,000,” vented @sam** who was once a victim of price knocks when eating street seafood.

“This is expensive. In my area, green mussels cost Rp. 15,000 per kg, then there are Mature Green Scallops at Rp. 30,000 per kg,” said @clm**.

“That’s a little too much for Rp. 150,000. Here, a box of Rp. 45,000 is already added with Padang sauce,” said @him ***, whose photo contains fresh green mussels.

“It’s nothing, but not everyone has the luxury to eat once for IDR 150,000,” concluded @ve**.

So far, this tweet has received more than 23.8 thousand likes, 1.8 thousand retweets and hundreds of comments from netizens.

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