Prepare Rp 800 Million, You Can Glamping in Antarctica with a Space Feel!


Glamping with green shades of natural scenery may be common. How about glamping in all-white Antarctica?

Inspired by space tourism, a traveler can get the experience of glamping in Antarctica. In November 2022, a travel company White Dessert will launch an unusual eco-camp called Echo.

There are six heated bedroom pods with high windows. Travelers can also enjoy the dramatic landscape outside.

Made of composite fiberglass, each of these space-inspired pods that includes two travelers will be furnished with luxurious space-style accessories. Then, each pod will display the original photo of the Space Station.

Glamping Antarctica Photo: (White Dessert)

Staying travelers will also have access to the central lounge area to the dining area. This eye-catching glamping is designed to be disassembled, so this great offer will only last a short while.

For the outside of the pod, the camp is equipped with a team of chefs, hosts and guides who will help 12 guests to explore. The experience begins when guests arrive and are ushered into a private room. There, travelers can enjoy a martini with 10 thousand year old ice.

Antarctic GlampingGlamping Antarctica Photo: (White Dessert)

Furthermore, on the next day guests can take part in various interesting activities such as cycling, skiing, riding a 4×4 Arctic Truck, to hiking with expert guides to ice climbing.

So, how much is the price for the experience of staying at this Antarctic glamping? For a group of 12 people the price starts from USD 780 thousand or around Rp. 11 billion! The individual price is USD 56 thousand or around Rp 802 million.

The price includes a five-day tour, round-trip flights, transit from Cape Town to Antarctica to food, drink and activities around the campsite. Travelers interested?

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