Potatoes to Pasta, These 5 Complements Make Steaks More Delicious


Not much different from the steak served in a fancy restaurant, on street steak there is also a complementary menu that makes the taste even more complete. Here’s the list.

Steak is not just meat that has been grilled and served with sauce. To add nutrition, there are several menus that are served as a side dish for steak.

Not only on steaks served in luxury restaurants, street steaks also pay attention to the completeness. Starting from the needs of carbohydrates to vegetables that are suitable to accompany steak.

Complementary to the street steak is no less delicious than the one in the restaurant. Some street steak sellers even provide potato wedges to creamy pasta.

Here are 5 street steak accompaniments that make it even more delicious:

Not eliminating the traditional impression and making customers full, street steak provides white rice as a side dish. Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Deny Novan

1. Rice

So the staple food of Indonesians, many feel they haven’t eaten if they haven’t eaten rice. Even for a steak class dish, many feel less full if it is not paired with rice.

Almost all street steaks serve rice as a side menu option. Combining steak with rice, of course, only exists and can be found in Indonesia, even though rice is consumed by the majority of people in Asia.

The use of rice as a accompaniment to steak aims to meet the needs of carbohydrates. Of course, the price of steak with rice is cheaper and can be reached by a wider audience.

2. French Fries

In addition to rice, many street steak customers also choose french fries as a side dish for steak. Although for some people french fries are less filling, but this side menu is also not a little bit who likes it.

French fries are also included in the accompanying menu which is not too expensive. Many street steak vendors can use ready-to-fried potatoes that are widely sold in the market.

French fries that are usually used for street steak vendors can use frozen potatoes sold by the kilo or potatoes that are cut and prepared yourself. This is to get around the price is a bit not too expensive.

Other delicious street steak accompaniments can be seen on the next page.

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