PIPS Changes to i-PRO, Ready to Provide Innovative Security Product Solutions

MANUFACTURER of security devices, Panasonic i-PRO Sensing Solutions (PIPS) officially changed its name to i-PRO and announced the formation of a new company in the Asia Pacific Region called i-PRO APAC, which will be headquartered in Singapore from April 1, 2022.

The global expansion of i-PRO itself will cover the Asia Pacific (APAC) and Oceania markets. With this establishment, the i-PRO entity now covers most of the global markets including America, EMEA, Japan and Asia Pacific.

PIPS is a separate business from Panasonic Corporation, and has incorporated the “i-PRO” network camera (CCTV) brand into the company name, while retaining the Panasonic brand identification along with the i-PRO logo and branding.

With the presence of the new i-PRO brand, the company’s efforts to innovate technological products that have been developed for more than 60 years by Panasonic, in order to produce high-quality products for consumers around the world.

Masami Eguchi, Vice President Head of Security & Safety Global i-PRO Masami Eguchi said, “With the new brand, the company will continue to develop and provide products that combine various innovations to customers.

“Moreover, as an independent company, i-PRO will always be faster to adapt and react to market needs from the security industry by being more flexible, dynamic and bold,” he said.

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Eguchi added, i-PRO is very open in expanding its network of cooperation to related sectors around the world, to provide superior and high value products as the implementation of the concept of “The Power of Truth”.

“Because of this, we make products that can be used in high security systems in cities as well as building surveillance, logistics, industry, and transportation,” he said.

President Director of PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia Tomonobu Otsu added, i-PRO, which is a new brand for CCTV manufacturers with AI technology, is committed to providing security solutions for global consumers, especially in Indonesia.

“Through the latest innovations, i-PRO makes it easy by providing a variety of security solutions, because we are aware that maintaining security is a top priority in any business. We also believe that this latest technology can bring the latest standards in the security sector in Indonesia,” he said. .

Even though the brand has changed from Panasonic to i-PRO, for marketing, distribution and other matters related to CCTV i-PRO products in the territory of Indonesia, PT Panasonic Gobel Indonesia is still handling it. (RO/OL-7)

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