Pintu and Startup Mangkokku Presents a ‘Cuan Package’ with Bitcoin Prizes

PT Pintu Kemana Saja with the Pintu brand, a crypto asset trading and investment platform, this time collaborating with Mangkokku, startup the foremost culinary that serves the No.1 Rice bowl menu in Indonesia with Chef quality.

Pintu distributes Bitcoins to 32 thousand Mangkokku customers through the special menu “Paket Cuan” consisting of two customer favorite menus, Beef Onion with Onsen Egg Free Crispy Skin Add On and Beef Sambel Korek Free Crispy Skin Add On.

For every purchase of the package, Mangkokku customers can get a free gift of crypto assets in the form of Bitcoin worth IDR 50,000.

This collaboration will take place from May 10, 2022 to June 10, 2022.

Pintu’s Chief Marketing Officer, Timothius Martin, said, “Pintu is committed to introducing crypto assets more broadly to the public through various ways, one of which is by collaborating with startup culinary Mangkokku and presents a special menu “Cuan Package”.

“Where we give a gift in the form of Bitcoin worth IDR 50,000 to Mangkokku customers in Greater Jakarta and Surabaya,” Timo said in a press statement, Friday (13/50),

“Every purchase of one of the menus, namely Beef Onion with Onsen Egg Free Crispy Skin Add On and Beef Sambel Korek Free Crispy Skin Add On. So Mangkokku customers not only eat delicious Rice Bowl dishes, but can immediately get other benefits such as crypto assets at the door , said Timo.

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Investment in crypto assets has increased rapidly in the last few years.

The Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA) stated that crypto asset investors in Indonesia until March 2022 had reached 12.4 million people and this number is predicted to continue to increase.

“We welcome cooperation with the Pintu application. As a culinary startup that continues to promote innovation, Bowlku is committed to not only creating exploratory food but also creating creative collaborations,” said Randy Julius Kartadinata, CEO & Co-Founder of Mangkokku.

“Together with Pintu, we hope to create a unique collaboration between industries that can provide positive benefits for the wider community, especially today’s young generation,” he explained.

“Therefore, we appreciate the collaboration with Pintu so that loyal Mangkokku customers can participate,” said Randy.

The collaboration of Pintu and Mangkokku can be enjoyed by all Mangkokku customers online online delivery in outlet Mangkokku is located in Greater Jakarta and Surabaya.

Purchasing the special menu will get free Bitcoin worth IDR 50,000 from the Pintu application by scanning the QR code listed on the lid of the bowl (bowl lid) on the “Cuan Package” menu received and completely fill out the instructions contained in the Google Forms.

Then to get Bitcoin, customers must have a verified Pinrtu account.

Customers who meet these terms and conditions will be sent Bitcoin crypto assets directly to their respective PINTU accounts within a maximum period of 7×24 hours on working days.

“We appreciate Mangkokku for this collaboration. Because we believe that this collaboration will add a unique experience in investing in crypto assets through Mangkokku’s best Rice Bowl in Indonesia,” said Timo.

“We hope that this collaboration can increase people’s enthusiasm for investing in crypto assets.” close Timo (RO/OL-09)

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