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Peddled Using Carts at Low Prices, Famous Meatballs to Remote Villages


A bowl of warm meatballs with a savory broth is hard to resist. Moreover, the price is cheap, making meatball carts is always crowded with buyers.

Meatballs are actually not authentic Indonesian food, these meat balls originally came from China. As a Chinese dish, meatballs were originally made using pork. However, in Indonesia, it was then made using beef so that Muslims could eat it.

No one knows for sure when beef meatballs were first made in Indonesia. Based on historical records, meatballs have been enjoyed for a long time. Currently, most of the meatball craftsmen and traders come from Solo and Wonogiri, Central Java.

Bakso cart Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Kadek Bonit Permadi

Not surprisingly, Wonogiri is the largest supplier of cattle in Central Java after Mangkunegara VI opened a very large cattle farm in this region. This is where many people process beef into meatballs. That’s why most of the people of Wonogiri are adept at making delicious meatballs.

Not only good at making meatballs, most of the residents also migrate to various regions to carry out their profession as meatball sellers. In Wonogiri there is also a village where almost all of its residents work as meatball sellers.

Wonogiri meatballs are identical to cartwheels which are served simply with a mixture of yellow noodles, vermicelli, bean sprouts or mustard greens. Tossed with a savory broth with soft, chewy meatballs of medium and small size.

A portion of meatball carts is also priced relatively cheaply. No more than Rp. 15 thousand for a complete bowl. Even in some areas there are still fixing the price below Rp. 10 thousand.

The meatball seller also doesn’t hesitate to put the ‘Wonogiri meatball’ label on his cart. Although there are also some traders who choose to sell in shops or shop houses.

Most of these Wonogiri meatball traders are members of the Papmiso community, aka the Indonesian Noodle and Meatball Traders Association. Papmiso members have spread throughout Indonesia and currently number in the thousands.

It is undeniable, meatballs have indeed succeeded in attracting the tastes of many people. Starting from ordinary people, artists and even officials are fond of enjoying meatballs.

Meatball variants such as muscle meatballs, egg meatballs to abundant meatballs are suitable to be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Even in the village, campus area, market area to the city center, meatballs are never empty of customers.

This best-selling meatball seller is also spread in various areas such as in Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi to Bogor. Of course with a tempting meatball concoction.

MeatballsBakso cart Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto/Kadek Bonit Permadi

Currently, in the era of social media, meatball carts can also turn out to be interesting video content. There are actions by YouTubers who buy up cart meatballs, mukbang cart meatballs and try out cart meatballs in many places.

Want to know more complete ins and outs about cart meatballs? DetikFood this time will discuss specifically about meatball carts. Also complete with recommendations for places to eat meatballs that are guaranteed to bounce!

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