Parang Gombong Near Jakarta, There’s No Comparison in Nature


Parang Gombong Purwakarta it lacks facilities. However, the natural treats there are incomparable.

Camping activities are mushrooming in the midst of a pandemic. There are many beautiful places for camping, including Parang Gombong, which is located in the Purwakarta area, West Java.

detikTravel travel to Parang Gombong which is actually not far from Jakarta. For those of you who are walking from the capital city, all you have to do is enter Cipularang, then exit at the Jatiluhur toll gate.

From Jatiluhur, it doesn’t take long to reach Parang Gombong. It’s just that, for those of you who use four-wheeled vehicles, the trip feels quite tedious because the contours of the road are not smooth, the asphalt is crushed to the dust that is so thick it stifles the view.

The road to Parang Gombong Purwakarta (Photo: Nugraha Rodiana/detikcom)

Not only is the trip less fun, some sections are also often closed because the paths often experience landslides. The journey to Parang Gombong is indeed down the hills.

But your tiredness will pay off a few kilometers before reaching Parang Gombong. The smooth road with views of green trees starts to cool the eyes. Especially when you arrive at the location, the lake surrounded by mountains will pay for your fatigue.

For those who want to camp at this location, it is recommended to come in the afternoon because Parang Gombong feels quite hot in the hot afternoon. At night, the wind is strong enough to make your camping even more serene.

Parang Gombong PurwakartaCamping at Parang Gombong Purwakarta (Photo: Nugraha Rodiana/detikcom)

Especially when the morning approaches, the sunrise is a beautiful sight that must be captured. Prepare your camera to capture every best moment.

Parang Gombong Purwakarta is a reservoir destination in which there is also a camping ground. Green mountains to green landscapes will spoil you.

Parang Gombong Purwakarta is still very quiet on weekdays. Travelers can also rent a boat at a cost of IDR 25,000 per person filled with up to 20 people at a cheaper cost of only about one hundred thousand.

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