Oppo Develops New Technology Breakthrough with Business Partners

OPPO launched the Oppo Developer Conference 2022 (ODC 2022), Monday (12/9), and introduced the smart system cross-platform named Pantanal.

Pantanal is an Opoo Carlink technology that can connect cars with smartphoneand the Oppo SenseĀ® health algorithm.

In this event, Oppo also provided financing worth RMB (Renminbi) 2 billion as assistance to the customers developer and content creator partnered with Oppo.

“In the future, smart devices will be increasingly available wherever we are. Smart devices must not only be connected, but also must be integrated so that they can serve their users and deliver Internet of Experiences,” said Pete Lau, Senior Vice President and Chief Product, Oppo.

“We continue to transform into a company that develops its own technology ecosystem and look forward to partnering with global developers and partners to build an ecosystem that is more open, supportive and thriving,” said Pete Lau.

Pantanal, smart system cross-platform from Oppo

At the ODC 2022 event, Oppo introduced the Pantanal which is an intelligent system cross-platform the first from OPPO designed to integrate several different devices and systems to truly connect and function with each other.

“With technology cross-device sensing and computingPantanal can understand and anticipate user needs to provide services at the right time and in the right way,” explained Peter Lau.

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As a system cross-platformPantanal will make it easier developer to develop and deploy services across different platforms, lower costs and increase efficiency.

Oppo Carlink integrates smartphone with car

More and more people are relying on smart devices to use the various service and entertainment features available in modern cars.

Therefore, Oppo developed the Oppo Carlink technology to connect and integrate smartphones with cars. This technology opens up extensive cooperation between smartphone companies and car companies.

With this technology, users can access various features and applications in smartphones without the need to change the information system in the car.

“Users can also use smartphone through the car to access various other services with just the touch of a finger,” he said.

At ODC 2022, OPPO announced its partnership with SAIC Motor to integrate smart devices with cars developed by SAIC Motor.

Previously, Oppo had partnered with Tesla China earlier this year to turn OPPO smartphones into digital keys to unlock Tesla Model 3 and Model Y cars in China.

Oppo, according to Peter Lau, continues to develop various types of hardware and build a feature-rich ecosystem for all of its products and services.

Oppo has also introduced IoT products to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. In addition, OPPO had recorded sales growth of more than 120% in all categories over the last three years.

More than 300,000 developer and 700,000 creator have joined forces with Oppo to distribute their products and services to users across multiple platforms.

“Oppo Open Platform help the developer in various aspects such as application services, graphics processingand interconnectivity,” he explained.

OPPO also announced that it will provide RMB 2 billion in financing for the program Gravity Plan in 2023 and support the developer in building a shared ecosystem.

Improve quality of life

With advances in sensor technology, algorithms, and data science, Oppo strives to improve the quality of users through features that can maintain health.

At ODC 2022, OPPO launched the independently developed Oppo SenseĀ® algorithm.

Oppo Sense is a sensor technology in terms of heart health, fitness and sleep tracking.

“Oppo will also continue its collaboration with global partners to improve connectivity between IoT products and develop applications, hardware and health management services designed to help detect certain chronic diseases,” said Peter Lau. (O/OL-09).

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