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Omnichannel Dashboard to Manage Instagram DM

Instagram is seen as one of the potential social commerce platforms. Product sales, endorsements, advertisements and promotions are carried out massively on this platform every day.

CEO of PT Tap Talk Teknologi (TapTalk.io), Ritchie Nathaniel said that with its huge potential as a trading platform, Instagram needs to integrate a number of new technologies. The goal is to support the performance of Instagram users’ business accounts. “Business opportunities through Instagram are very lucrative. At the same time, there is intense competition among business people. So, how can we win the competition? Customer Experience. Provide a good customer experience so the business can be strong and survive.” said Ritchie.

TapTalk.io is an information technology company that integrates new technology infrastructure into websites and business applications. In relation to Instagram, TapTalk.io through OneTalk provides Instagram DM API. DM API integration helps Instagram users to manage business Instagram accounts more effectively and productively.

Instagram channels have become very popular in recent years as a place for online marketing. Many of the features provided by Instagram support sales activities. Not to mention the availability of a more comprehensive business-specific Instagram account by bringing up various data to manage. Starting from data on followers and followings, interactions, reach of each post, to the best hashtags for trending posts and hashtags.

Considering the great business opportunities that Instagram offers to the public, OneTalk is here as an Instagram omnichannel integration partner.

Instagram DM integration to OneTalk Omnichannel Dashboard
Recently, OneTalk provides Instagram DM API which allows this channel to connect to OneTalk omnichannel dashboard. Previously, omnichannel integration has been implemented on WhatsApp, FB Messenger, LINE, and Telegram business accounts.

Integrating Instagram DM into the omnichannel dashboard increases the efficiency of business/business communication with customers. Business people through agents can manage customer messages that enter Instagram DMs centrally on the OneTalk omnichannel.

From a chat management perspective, connecting Instagram DMs to the OneTalk dashboard makes it easier for companies to monitor, receive, reply, share information, and track customer messages. In addition, integration into OneTalk allows companies to centralize all the chat applications they use.

Company agents no longer manage messaging from individual apps after using the OneTalk dashboard. On the other hand, from this omnichannel dashboard, agents can receive and reply to all incoming messages in various applications at one time.

In carrying out its omnichannel role, OneTalk offers a variety of features and functions to support agent performance. The multiple agent system makes it easy for all admins involved in the OneTalk dashboard to work together and be supportive.

For companies, the OneTalk dashboard is a means to obtain a quality communication system. Companies can assess agent performance, measure the number of customers from various channels, and manage incoming information as part of a marketing strategy.

By providing the Instagram DM API, Ritchie Nathaniel hopes that PT Tap Talk Teknologi will make the contribution needed by the current go digital business. Through an omnichannel solution, Ritchie asserts that he is ready to help business partners from any level to manage the messaging system. (OL-12)