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Often labeled as dirty, these fried foods in India are actually fried in clear oil


Street food in India is synonymous with unhygienic presentation. It turns out that this Indian street vendor fried food actually uses oil very clear.

When it comes to Indian snacks, many people will think that the food is served in a slovenly manner. The use of tools that look unclean to traders who immediately use their bare hands to take the food.

Short videos about Indian traders on social media are also easily found. Not infrequently this video about traders in India actually receives a lot of negative comments from netizens.

It turns out that there is another side to street vendors in India that is still not widely known. Indian street vendors who peddle fried foods so keep the oil they use clean.

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Known to be dirty, this Indian trader uses very clear cooking oil. Photo: TikTok/hendrarenaldy

Quoting TikTok @hendrarenaldy (7/3), a short video shows how a street vendor prepares his stall before starting to sell. This trader is known to offer a fried menu in one of the market areas in India.

At the beginning of the video, the trader can be seen pouring cooking oil into a large frying pan. uniquely, oil which is used is really clean and clear even almost like water when poured.

After that, you can see the yellow dough that has been prepared for further cooking as the main ingredient in their fried menu. Netizens are again made to focus on the ingredients that are sprinkled on top of the fried dough.

A handful of saffron flower pistils are seen sprinkled in large quantities and mixed with the prepared dough. The reason is that the price of saffron flowers is known to be so high, but for Indian street food vendors this is a common thing to do.

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Often labeled as dirty, these fried foods in India are actually fried in clear oilNot only the oil that makes the wrong focus, the use of a lot of saffron also makes netizens surprised to see it. Photo: TikTok/hendrarenaldy

After all the ingredients are mixed evenly then a spoonful of the dough begins to be printed and fried until cooked. Because the oil used is so clear, the dough that is already yellow in color remains bright and there is no visible black stain from the oil used.

When viewed by detikcom (8/3), this upload has even been watched more than 2.2 million times with many netizens claiming to be surprised. Many comments say that this is a more elite area because the food is made more hygienic and the use of saffron also causes the wrong focus.

“Different sub-districts, guys, other sub-districts mix with their hands and in a paint bucket,” wrote the @tigoore account.

“My mother cried seeing the oil,” wrote the account @uswatunkhasanah__

“Okay otw (soon) buy it, it has saffron, it can make good skin even though oilthere are so many,” wrote the @ms..libra account.

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