Offering Cloud-Based Technology, Shipsy Supports Logistics Industry Automation

Today the logistics industry is at the crossroads of several major trends. The way consumers shop has undergone drastic changes in recent years compared to the way they bought things five to six years ago.

This change was made possible due to highly efficient progress in the logistics industry and supply chain.

Consumer demands have also changed in terms of the duration of time for goods to arrive at their doorsteps, ranging from a matter of three to five days, then to a matter of hours.

Currently they hope that the ordered goods will arrive within 10 minutes.

“There are many mega trends currently happening globally in the industry including reducing carbon footprints,” said Soham Chokshi, CEO and Co-Founder of Shipsy, on the sidelines of the event. virtual media gathering with journalists throughout Southeast Asia recently.”

In this case, how can the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning help achieve this goal? So this is a good time for discussion,” said Soham Chokshi.

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Shipsy itself is a logistics technology company that helps business people, goods owners or goods movers, to automate logistics and supply chain processes (supply chain).

With this automation there is a significant reduction in operational costs, helping them gain visibility of their shipments from origin to destination.

“The current process of delivering goods is still very manual, with automation it certainly brings more efficiency. based logistics platform cloud help companies do all of this, both in terms of international and domestic logistics in the interior as well,” said Soham.

So far Shipsy has partnered with 160 customer companies across India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia to help address challenges in the logistics industry.

“There are many factors, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, that are disrupting our global economy, including geopolitical scenarios and others that affect the way transportation and logistics work. And the company still has to handle various customer needs at that time,” explained Soham.

“And the fact is right now, they are not satisfied with deliveries that take five to six days, they want a shorter delivery duration of 30 minutes or less.”

There are many new technologies that are present today and are changing the way companies operate their logistics functions.

One of them, said Soham, is blockchain that helps companies increase trust between vendors and increase visibility.

“Excellence is a major part of today’s business strategy. Some of the areas driving this are reduced transportation costs and customer experience,” he said.

“Because a bad experience in purchasing goods makes almost 60% of customers will not return to website the company. So it is very important to maintain a loyal customer base,” said Soham.

When asked about the reason for the opening of Shipsy’s head office for Southeast Asia in Indonesia?

Soham emphasized that the opening of an office in Indonesia is to support Shipsy’s customers who are in the Southeast Asia region and have been using this platform for several years.

“The existence of the main office in Indonesia is a way to close the distance between us and our existing customers. And also take advantage of the ecosystem in Indonesia to help Shipsy’s growth,” he concluded. (RO/OL-09)

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