OFA and AWS re/Start Support Digital Technology-Based Education Transformation

In the midst of a challenging employment situation in Indonesia due to the global pandemic, Orbit Future Academy (OFA) is collaborating with global technology partners, to continuously strive to present real and transformative solutions for Indonesian education.

OFA is a future skills education initiative for future jobs from PT Orbit Ventura Indonesia. OFA curates and localizes international programs and courses for skills upgrading and relearning of young people and the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow.

OFA collaborates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the AWS re/Start program. AWS re/Start is a free 12-week training program that helps unemployed individuals and part-time workers build cloud computing skills.

At the same time connecting participants with job opportunities in local companies. This program will work virtually with participants from more than 25 provinces throughout Indonesia.

AWS re/Start is designed to support individuals with little or no technology experience. Program participants will be equipped with cloud computing skills, career guidance, assistance in preparing a career overview, and interview support with prospective employers in local companies. Orbit targets three categories of workers as the target of this program in Indonesia.

Namely those who do not have a permanent job and are looking for work, with a minimum of two years experience in a previous job or career. Part time workers (freelance).

Those who currently have a career in a field that is not their main background/expertise and want to improve the quality of competence for a better career path towards Industry 4.0.

Dr. Ing. Ilham Akbar Habibie, Co-Founder & President Commissioner of Orbit Future Academy, welcomed the AWS re/Start program in Indonesia.

“This program is in line with our vision and main goal, which is to create a real and transformative social impact for the people of Indonesia. Together with AWS re/Start, Orbit aims to help Indonesians who do not have a permanent job and those who are working outside their core expertise. “By providing technological insight and future skills to a new, productive workforce. The approach of this program is very innovative, timely, and relevant to the needs of digitizing business in Indonesia,” said President BJ Habibie’s eldest son in a webinar, Thursday (7/4). .

Upon completion of the programme, Orbit will support graduates with links to local-level employers. Graduates of the AWS re/Start program are prepared for entry-level cloud computing job functions, such as: cloud operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support.

This collaboration received a positive response from the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga S Uno. According to him, Indonesia as a developing country will always face a gap between the skills of the workforce and the availability of job opportunities.

This is one of the main factors in the increasing number of unemployed and the number of workers who have careers outside their main background or expertise, throughout Indonesia.

“We need to make specific efforts to close this gap and help create a more productive and empowered society. Organizations must be able to support digital skills, provide new jobs, and motivate people to apply their new skills in the workplace,” said Sandiaga.

Gunawan Susanto, Country Manager of AWS Indonesia added that AWS re/Start brings talent with new and fresh skill packages to the workforce. This condition allows all parties to reap collaborative benefits.

“Individuals can lead solid careers in cloud computing, organizations can increase their competitive advantage thanks to quality digital talent, and communities can grow and thrive. We are proud to work with Orbit to build tomorrow’s workforce with heterogeneous cloud computing skills. and robust, enabling organizations to accelerate their innovation with the AWS Cloud,” he said. (N-1)

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