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Not the Peak, This is the Sumedang Margawindu Tea Plantation!


Green and beautiful tea plantations are one of the favorite tourist attractions for travelers. Forget Puncak, try to play in this one tea plantation.

The Margawindu Sumedang tea plantation is located in Citengah Village, South Sumedang District, Sumedang Regency. The center of the plantation is flanked by panoramic views of the dense forest.

Rows of stalls lined the roadside, while tempting passing travelers to pass.

A breeze in the midst of the green expanse of tea plantations. More perfect with the sound of birds chirping each other. It is suitable for travelers who crave a natural atmosphere.

The stalls in the Margawindu tea plantation do have the charm of an extraordinary natural atmosphere. Two-wheeled or four-wheeled riders who pass by will certainly be tempted to just stop by the shop.

Margawindu Sumedang tea plantation Photo: Nur Azis

Asep (46), one of the shop owners, said that the visitors who came to his shop were not only motorists who happened to pass by but also visitors who had come to seek the natural atmosphere.

“If it’s busy, it’s usually Saturday and Sunday, especially when it’s young,” he told detikJabar some time ago.

Asep continued that visitors who came not only from Sumedang but also visitors from Greater Bandung and its surroundings. Even sometimes some of them are from out of town.

“Sometimes people from Jakarta, Bandung, Majalengka like to come here,” he said.

However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, said Asep, the number of visitors has decreased due to the PPKM policy. Currently, most of the visitors who come from around Sumedang.

“At this time, most of the visitors are from around Sumedang,” he said.

Access to the Margawindu tea plantation can be reached by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles. If from the Sumedang square, a traveler can direct the vehicle by continuing along the Citengah road which is fairly minimal at crossroads.

Some people use nature tourism as a therapeutic medium to refresh their brains after being busy with work routines, especially during the New Year's holiday.  Like visiting the Margawindu tea plantation area in Citengah Village, Sumedang Regency.Margawindu Sumedang Tea Plantation Photo: Nur Azis

The distance from Sumedang Square to the Margawindu tea plantation is approximately 11 kilometers. The condition of the road to the location, for the first 7 kilometers is quite good, but when approaching and after several tourist attractions such as Kampung Karuhun, Curug Gorobog and other tourist attractions, there are several potholes. Not to mention the increasingly narrow access road.

Then when approaching the tea plantation with a distance of about 2 kilometers. Both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles must be extra careful. Although the road conditions are quite good, the area is prone to landslides and there are steep inclines and bends that form the letter S.

In particular, four-wheeled vehicles must stop one of their vehicles when passing another four-wheeled vehicle because the width of the road is getting narrower. Road conditions will return to normal after an incline with a concrete road surface.

However, your extreme journey will be paid off when you arrive at the location. The stalls there are like the stalls on the side of the road in general which serve coffee drinks, boiled noodles, fried noodles and other snacks.

But with the natural scenery, it certainly brings a different sensation, as the saying goes, food for the body is not enough, there needs to be food for the soul.

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