Not only Lombok, the tradition of hunting Nyale worms is also in Sumbawa


The Bau Nyale tradition is well known among the Sasak people in Lombok. But in Dompu, Sumbawa apparently has a similar tradition. What’s it like?

Residents of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) commemorate the Bau Nyale tradition once a year. Apparently, this tradition is not only in Lombok, but is also well known among the people of Dompu Regency, Sumbawa.

If in Lombok it is called Bau Nyale which in Indonesian is catching sea worms, then in Dompu Regency it is called Weha Mbenggo which also means catching sea worms.

Unlike on the island of Lombok, where the point is almost complete on the coast of Central Lombok, in Dompu Regency there is only one point where sea worms appear, which is said to be the incarnation of Putri Mandalika from the legendary story from Central Lombok.

“In Dompu it is only found on Lakey Beach, Hu’u District. There is no other place,” said a resident of Hu’u Zaenal on detikTravel Monday (21/2/2022).

Tradition of hunting Nyale worms in Dompu, Sumbawa Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikTravel

Mbenggo or sea worms only appear on the 20th of February. People who will catch him crowded the beach with the equipment they had brought from home.

Residents who want to catch Mbenggo are willing to wait and some even stay at the beach. This was done in order to get sea worms in large quantities.

“We have to stay overnight because more worms appear at dawn or before sunrise,” said Zaenal.

Tradition of hunting Nyale worms in Dompu, SumbawaTradition of hunting Nyale worms in Dompu, Sumbawa Photo: Faruk Nickyrawi/detikTravel

This sea worm can be consumed by cooking like vegetables, it can also be steamed or steamed using banana leaves. It tastes very delicious and has high carbohydrates.

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