Not only Bali, there are also cool outdoor wedding spots in Magelang


Traveling to Borobudur Temple, Magelang Regency, there’s nothing wrong with stopping by SvargaBumi. This very instagramable tourist destination is now being pushed to become one of the favorite locations to hold weddings.

SvargaBumi is located in Ngaran Hamlet, Borobudur Village. The location of this rainfed rice field is arranged so that every month it can be harvested.

The land area of ​​3 hectares is divided into three. So that each one hectare has a different age of rice plants. For this reason, at any time this rice field location can still be used to take pictures with a green rice plant background.

One of the owners of SvargaBumi, Putranto Cahyono, said that there is regular operational management, then rice field management. The management of rice fields is a bit complicated because the land here is rainfed, and tends to be arid during the dry season.

“From three hectares, we split into three with different planting patterns. So if one hectare of planting A, one month of planting pattern B, one month of planting pattern C, each mass will still be green,” he said when met by detikJateng at SvargaBumi, Monday (7/2).

SvargaBumi Borobur is encouraged to be a wedding celebration location. Photo: Eko Susanto/detikJateng

The man who is usually called Pungki admits that currently many have imitated the concept of tourism in SvargaBumi. However, it does not question if it can inspire others.

“So the rice fields are only focused on agriculture, food production of all kinds, it can also be used for tourism. We don’t have any problems like that. Our concept is indeed nature tourism with the theme of rice field tourism, selfies, so the rice fields are upgraded,” said Pungki.

According to Pungki, there are three things that have been developed. First, rice fields are maintained as production for food security. Then the second, the creative economy with existing MSMEs and the third as a tourist destination.

“Now people go to the fields wearing clothes, wearing fashion shows, now there is a wedding. We have had two fashion shows. Later we will develop it for attractions, both traditional art performances and others,” said Pungki, mentioning the entrance ticket of Rp. 30 thousand per person. adults and Rp. 15 thousand for children.

SvargaBumi Borobur is encouraged to be a wedding celebration location.SvargaBumi Borobur is encouraged to be a wedding celebration location. Photo: Eko Susanto/detikJateng

On the same occasion, Director of Tourism Destinations, Borobudur Authority Agency (BOB), Agustin Warinangin said, the existence of SvargaBumi is quite interesting. According to him, seeing Borobudur does not have to go up to Borobudur Temple.

“SvargaBumi is indeed quite interesting, it is interesting how to see Borobudur does not have to go up to Borobudur. The creative idea is indeed proven, indeed the more we preserve Borobudur, the more prosperous it can be,” he said.

According to him, the creative idea of ​​how to encourage Borobudur is one of the goals of the wedding celebration. “The first is a creative idea, how to encourage Borobudur, this is one of the purposes of the wedding celebration. So if you look at Bali, many people go to Bali to celebrate weddings, especially for artists. Now, these friends are encouraging Borobudur to come to Borobudur. there are also facilities like that (wedding),” he said.

What’s more, he said, if you could adopt a marriage that was held in the 8th century. In addition, learn about what has been passed down from previous ancestors.

“We can adopt the values ​​of how the wedding procession was in the 8th century when Borobudur was. So maybe this can be explored too, we ask archaeologists and anthropologists,” he said.

At SvargaBumi itself, a wedding simulation was just held by DG Organizer. This wedding simulation is carried with a new and contemporary theme, namely the Lifestyle Heritage Wedding.

“The closer you are to nature, the more you will feel the bandage of Indonesian culture. Especially in this pandemic era, open space is the best choice for holding a wedding party,” said DG Organizer Owner, Dora Lina Bineri.

Dora added that Borobudur was part of the program of 5 super priority tourism destinations for Indonesia. Later these destinations can not only become tourist attractions, but also can foster a creative economic ecosystem that involves local residents.

“In this case, we are trying to collaborate with several tourist destinations in Borobudur, not only SvargaBumi. In the future, we want Borobudur to really be like the new Bali. So, Indonesians and foreigners come to Borobudur not only for vacations, but also for holidays.” to get married,” he concluded.


This article was published in detikJateng.

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