Not only Ancol, in North Jakarta there is also Marunda Beach


Besides Ancol, there is another beach in the North area, namely Marunda Beach. Admission is free.

Just as the name suggests, Marunda Beach is located in Marunda, Cilincing District, North Jakarta. This beach is located not far from Si Pitung House and Al Alam Marunda Mosque.

Actually Marunda Beach is still in the same coastline with Ancol Beach. It’s just that the conditions are very different.

detikTravel had stopped at Marunda Beach some time ago. In contrast to beach tourism in general, to reach this beach a traveler must enter the residential alley.

There is no ticket booth because the entrance fee is free. It’s just that tourists need to pay Rp. 5 thousand for parking for cars and motorbikes of Rp. 3 thousand.

Marunda Beach. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Entering the beach area, a traveler will not get a sandy beach which is usually used for tourists to relax. There, tourists enjoy the view of the beach by sitting on a concrete embankment.

The view is also unique. Because in Marunda there are factories, a traveler will see construction up to factory chimneys. Not to mention the sight of large ships passing by carrying coal.

Marunda was once famous as a fishing settlement. Currently, you can still find fishing boats, although not many.

Several boats seem to be rented out to take tourists around Marunda Beach. The fare is IDR 10 thousand per person with a tour duration of 15 minutes.

Marunda Beach also has a mangrove area although it is not large. However, this mangrove area is often hunted to be used as a photo background.

Marunda BeachMarunda Beach. Photo: Putu Intan/detikcom

Another activity that tourists often do there is fishing. Tourists can fish on the beach or in buildings that resemble piers.

For lovers of cycling, Marunda Beach can also be visited for cycling. Marunda Beach has a pier which is usually used as a finish line.

If the stomach starts to get hungry, tourists can stop at the stalls owned by residents. The majority of traders sell processed seafood and shellfish.

The best time to come to Marunda Beach is at sunset. Tourists usually enjoy the afternoon atmosphere while watching the sun slowly return to the contest.

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