Not Japan, This Clear River And Filled With Koi Fish Is In Bali


Not in Japan, the river with very clear water and filled with koi fish is in Bali. Precisely in Banjar Gunung, Pemogan Village, Denpasar, Bali. Cool!

Banjar (hamlet) Gunung in Pemogan Village, Denpasar, Bali has a unique way of inviting its people to be consistent in maintaining environmental cleanliness.

Since October 2020, the Head of the Banjar Gunung Hamlet and the team have taken the initiative to turn the once dirty Grodogan river into a clean Japanese-style river containing thousands of ornamental fish.

The head of Banjar Gunung Hamlet, Wayan Budiasa, said that a total of more than 5 thousand ornamental fish were scattered in the 1 kilometer long river. Some plants were placed in the middle of the river and some seats were placed on the riverside area.

“In the past, the river was very dirty. Every two days almost one ton of garbage was in the river because we were here to receive garbage from upstream. Currently, no one in Banjar Gunung throws garbage into the river. And for the people who pass by It’s the same, no one carelessly throws garbage anymore,” said Budiasa.

Komang Sudantra (40) relaxing while enjoying the atmosphere on the Grodogan river Photo: Ni Made Lastri Karsiani Putri

In maintaining community discipline to keep the environment clean, his party directed the Jaga Baya team with 25 members. The team is on duty every day starting from 21.00-05.00 WITA.

In addition to being in charge of supervising the community, the team, said Budiasa, is also tasked with securing the area, such as supervising if an accident occurs until someone gets into a fight.

“Here we also provide fish feed because many people outside Banjar also come for free tours here. People from outside are very enthusiastic about the existence of this unique Grodogan river,” he said.

One of the people of Banjar Gunung, Komang Sudantra (40). He seemed to be sitting alone by the river while looking at the tilapia.

“This is the place to calm down and I also come here every day, usually from 5 pm to 6 pm,” admitted this man from Jembrana.

According to him, with the transformation of the Grodogan river into a clean river containing thousands of fish, the community around the area has an interesting and free tour.

“It would be great if many other places followed the concept like here. Moreover, the residents here also want to work together to maintain and clean up the area here,” he added.

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